Sentinels of Light Valorant Price

Sentinels of Light Valorant Price
New Gun Skin Leak and Kill Animation in Valorant

Sentinels of Light Valorant Price: Riot’s Valorant has emerged as one of the most popular games in recent times. Moreover, it’s been one year since its launch and already it has introduced a lot of skins which can be bought by spending Valorant points. In the recent few weeks, Valorant launched skins in collaboration with Riot’s another game League of Legends.

So, here we are will another skin after ruination in collaboration with League of Legends called sentinels of lights. Here will be sharing the details of the skin and the price of the skin including the bundle.

Sentinels of Light Valorant Price: Everything You Need To Know

Sentinels of Light Valorant Price
Valorant Bundle Skins

The skin will be launched on 22nd July and the price is not yet revealed. However, Valorant doesn’t hike the price of the skins and keeps it similar. So, how much will it cost to buy the new skins which are called Sentinels of Lights.

The skin is going to be premium skin with some unique crosshair and kill animation. Furthermore, the earlier skin which was ruination cost 8700 Valorant points to the players to buy the bundle. The Valorant points are in-game currency f Valorant and players need to spend real money in order to buy Valorant Points.

Cost of Sentinels of Lights

The expected price of Sentinels of lights is also going to be the same as Runination and it will cost around 8700 Valorant points to buy the bundle. Furthermore, players can also buy one skin or two instead of a bundle. The Vandal skin will cost somewhere 1800 Valorant points to the players if they buy only the skin.

Also, if the players buy the bundle they will be getting some free items like the Knife and Player Card. So, it is worth buying the bundle instead of only one skin.

The skin has a glass mounted on the front of the guns and looks a little similar to Prime Vandal. Also, there were complaints about the previous skin Ruination that it was a pay to lose. But Valorant and fixed it this time and the price players will pay for Sentinels of Lights will not be for losing.

What in The Bundle? 

The bundle has several gun skins including some free items. Moreover, players can buy the skin from the game’s store by spending Valorant Points. Here are the guns which will be in the sentinels of lights.

  • Sheriff
  • Vandal
  • Ares
  • Knife
  • Operator
  • Player Card

Valorant Points Price List: Sentinels of Lights

Valorant Points
Cost of VP in Valorant
  • 499 VP: Rs. 399
  • 1000 VP: Rs. 700
  • 2050 VP: Rs. 1,599
  • 3650 VP: Rs. 2,699
  • 5350 VP: Rs. 3,999
  • 11000 VP: Rs. 7,900

So, if you’re going to buy the bundle of sentinels of lights in Valorant, the price will be somewhere around Rs.6,600 and the one skin will cost Rs. 1,599.

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