Bugha Fortnite Skin: World Champ Icon Series Skin!

Bugha the World Cup Solo Winner of Fortnite is now in Fortnite. You can find him within the Fortnite Item Shop today. Know more about Bugha and his new Creative Map in Fortnite here.

Bugha Fortnite Skin: Bugha, the World Champion and famous Content Creator is now coming to Fortnite himself as an Icon Series Skin. And this is not all, he is also bringing a new LTM with him. And it isn’t an ordinary one. Know more about the LTM and Bugha here.

Bugha: A Brief Introduction

Bugha Fortnite
Bugha Fortnite

Kyle Giersdorf is a very crucial esports professionalist and content creator. He joined the esports Sentinels on 25th March 2019. In the first Annual Fortnite World Cup he claimed the 1st position with 59 points and makes his first big achievement in his esports career.

Besides this Bugha has won so many tournaments that it’s almost unbelievable.

Having very close to 4 million subscribers on Fortnite, Bugha is now also organizing a new LTM in Fortnite.

He also tweeted on the same as below:

How will the Bugha Skin in Fortnite look like?

Bugha Icon Series Skin Fortnite
Bugha Skin Fortnite

After the release of the Lebron James Icon Series in Fortnite, now it’s time for another one. The Bugha Icon Series Skin in Fortnite will have a 3-dimensional look to it. It will look exactly like Bugha. There were no leaks from our sources that indicated the release of this skin.

You will find three different variants of the skin. Check them out at the end of the video. However, this is not all. You’ll also get his World Championship Trophy with his cute little dog Zoey inside it. He’ll also have dual-wield pick-axes and both will have the prints of Zoey on them.

And after this, Bugha will have his own emote dancing with confetti over himself(the same dance he likes to do after tournaments). Bugha also thanked Fortnite for his skin. And also mentions that the Icon Series looks just like him.

Also know Some Interesting Facts on the Crystal Skin in Fortnite.

What is Bugha’s Late Game Arena LTM? Why is it Special?

Bugha's Late Game Arena LTM
Bugha’s Late Game Arena LTM

However, Bugha had it already planned out and also released his own new Limited Time map. Naming it Bugha’s Late Game Arena, the challenge will be available from 20/7/2021 to 28/7/2021.

You’ll have to collect ‘hype’ in this challenge. After earning more than 1500 hype you’ll be able to join his tournament series. The qualified players will have a chance to win from a prize pool of $100,000.

Fortnite also released this video of the new Bugha Outfit:

Bugha has contributed a lot to creating content on Fortnite. Gaining the World Cup Solo Winner title for himself. And now finally he is coming to Fortnite and you’ll come be able to play him as an Icon Series outfit.

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