How to Get Spotter Class in COD Mobile? Complete Details

The brand new Spotter Class had launched back in COD Mobile and players can get it by completing several missions. Head on to the article for the complete details.

How to get Spotter Class in COD Mobile
Spotter Class in COD Mobile

A brand new Class naming Spotter Class had added in COD Mobile recently in the BR mode. Therefore, follow up on this article for the complete details about Spotter Class in COD Mobile and how to get it.

Call of Duty Mobile is rapidly one of the most popular games and many players enjoy playing it. Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile is frequently known for its realistic graphics and exceptional features.

Also, Call of Duty Mobile concludes with many various additional features. As a result, a brand new Class naming Spotter Class had been added in COD Mobile certainly.

Here Are The Details About the Spotter Class in COD Mobile:

The Spotter Class is a brand new Class that had added to the game frequently in the BR Mode. This class can determine airborne attacks and in terms of attack, it can destroy the enemy troops and make devastation.

The attacking ability is similar to the cluster strikes from Multiplayer mode where the certain marked area will get surrounded by a series of airstrikes.

Furthermore, apart from the attack ability, the passive ability is called Fly Swatter. Players can utilize this in order to spot enemies and make themselves alert for the enemies that are willing to jump around them.

Also, this class will even mark the drop locations on the map and it even increases the reload speed of rocket launchers. As a result, players can this class by accomplishing certain missions.

Here’s How To Get Spotter Class in COD Mobile:

Players can avail Spotter Class by achieving the missions listed in the Target Locked Feature Challenge. Here is the list of the challenges listed in the target locked challenge.

  • Login for 3 days and get 10 points
  • Play 4 BR matches to avail 10 points
  • Glide 1500 meters in BR matches to achieve 10 points
  • Throw 5 frag grenades in BR matches and get 10 points
  • Use armor plates 5 times in BR matches to grab 10 points
  • Use Airborne class 5 times in BR matches and avail 10 points
  • Land in High Tier Loot Zones 5 times and achieve 20 points
  • Deal 1500 damage in BR matches and get 10 points
  • Kill 10 enemies in BR matches and avail10 points
  • Enter the top 5 in BR matches 3 times to achieve 10 points
  • Use Class Chip 3 times in BR matches and get 10 points

Meanwhile, players can get the listed rewards from the points earned:

  • By achieving 60 points, players can get100 Credits.
  • On accomplishing 70 points, players can avail Scout (Paper Star).
  • By fulfilling 80 points, players can achieve Parachute (Slide Scale)
  • Furthermore, on getting 100 points, players can get Helicopter (Slide Scale)
  • Lastly, on achieving 120 points, players can earn the Spotter class in COD Mobile.

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