Valorant Leaks: New Skins, Crossover with League of Legends?

Valorant Leaks Crossover
New Gun Skin

Valorant Leaks: Almost a week has passed since Episode 3 of Valorant has started. Furthermore, there are some new Valorant leaks coming now related to a crossover with League of legends and new skins. So, which type of skin is coming into the Valorant, and is it really a crossover?

What are the New Valorant Leaks About Skins?

Valorant Leaks League of legends crossover
Kayo With New Skin

Recently, many of the leaked channels social media handle posted several images and a video of the game. Furthermore, the agent Kayo new is seen withholding a new type of gun skin which is not yet seen in the game. So, these are the new skins? Yes, we are pretty sure that Kay is holding a guardian with a new skin which will be released in the game soon.

Moving forward, the Valorant leaks also suggest that the skin is going to be premium skin. Also, we can see in the image that the crosshair is a customized crosshair that is mostly in premium skins like Prime and Reaver.

Also, it looks somewhere similar to the Forsaken skin and the Reaver skin. The skin has a thick edge which makes it so good-looking. Also, in the image, it is seen that Reyna is killed and a killing effect coming out which confirms that the gun is a premium skin.

Valorant Crossover With League of Legends?

A new champion Viego was released in League of legends a few months ago. Additionally, we can see the similarity between the champion and the new gun skin leaks in Valorant.

If it happens, this will be the first time that we will witness a crossover of Valorant with League of Legends. Also, the developer of both the game is the same which is Riot.

As of now, the name of the skin is unknown and it might release in the upcoming weeks.

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