SE7EN Esports to host ₹1,00,000 BGMI SE7EN League tourney


PUBG Mobile has finally returned to India after almost a year in the form of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Inarguably, PUBG Mobile eSports have given rise to many Battle Royale professional players and to follow up this cycle, SE7EN Esports has unveiled the BGMI SE7EN League tournament with a whopping ₹1,00,000 prize pool.

SE7EN Esports is an organization that provides a platform for underdogs to showcase themselves amongst some of the best professional teams and emerging teams. Therefore, the organization continues to bring a lot of opportunities for underdogs in Esports.

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From the registration process to invited teams, here’s everything you need to know about the tournament.

How to register for BGMI SE7EN League?

  1. Click here to join SE7EN Esports official Discord server.
  2. Follow SE7EN Esports on Instagram.
  3. Submit 4 Insta Screenshots.
  4. Subscribe to SE7EN Esports on YouTube.
  5. Submit the screenshots.
  6. After Submitting screenshots, you will get the @BG7L YT CONFIRMED role.
  7. Therefore, fill in the necessary details in the registration channel and submit it.

List of Invited teams

Invited Teams

A total of 11 teams will be directly competing in the tournament.

  1. TSM Entity
  2. IND
  3. Orange Rock
  4. Global Esports
  5. Godlike Esports
  7. Galaxy Racers
  9. Mavi
  10. Mayhem
  11. Fnatic

About BGMI SE7EN League hosted by SE7EN Esports


BGMI SE7EN League is the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India tournament. However, several professional and infamous YouTubers are invited to the event. Moreover, it features a massive prize pool of 100,000INR.

With over 2000 slots, the tournament is verified by IEEF and also certified by IEEF. However, the players with BGMI Early access are only eligible for this event.

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Gunj Malvaniya
Gunj is a competitive player in India. He dreams to represent India in esports at the international level.
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