Pathmakers Axe Fortnite | What is the Pathmakers Axe Fortnite?

What is the Pathmakers axe in Fortnite? Is there really a pathmakers axe in Fortnite? Keep reading to know more about its origin and more here.

Honor Bound Set
Honor Bound Set Fortnite

Pathmakers Axe Fortnite: The New Season 7 of Fortnite has made a lot of previous skins, harvesting tools, back blings, and emotes. This can be seen in the recent updates of the Fortnite Item shop as well. Now, with introducing previous items we have the Honor Bound set which is also quite rare. One of these is the Oathmakers Axe which is an uncommon harvesting tool in Fortnite. So what is the Pathmakers ax then?

What is the Pathmakers Axe in Fortnite?

Pathmakers Axe Fortnite
Oathmakers Axe-Honor Bound set

Players have also misunderstood the Oathmakers Axe as the Pathmakers Axe. So, for players out there getting confused on either, the real one is the Oathmakers Axe. Pathmakers Axe is a misinterpretation in Fortnite. Let’s know more about the ax now.

The Oathmaker’s ax is an uncommon harvesting tool that comes with the Honor Bound set. The Oathmakers Axe last made its appearance in May 2021 and now very recently today.

‘Justice Guide my path’ is the quote that comes with it. It symbolizes a classic ax with a very unique and spartan. It doesn’t really have a long contrail. The ax goes really well with Raptorian the Brave, as well as his back bling Raptor’s way.

The Honor Bound set actually came from Raptor of Season 1. As Raptor makes it back with a very Knightly look, this new pick-ax is an amazing compliment to him. Hopefully, by now you know that there is no Pathmakers ax in Fortnite.

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Should you buy the Oathmakers Axe?

Oathmakers Axe Fortnite
Oathmakers Axe Fortnite

The Honor Bound set contains the Oathmakers Axe. It has only occurred twice in the game until now which is why it is being considered as rare. Even though it is an Uncommon rarity pick-ax, it still has appeared only twice in the item shop. You can already see that Pathmakers axe is not something you’ll find in Fortnite.

And one of the days is literally today i.e June 21. Yes, you can buy this skin just today from the Fortnite Item Shop. It costs 500 V-bucks. So, for an uncommon pick-ax, it might not be the best. But still for collectors always looking for rare items to collect in Fortnite it is one of those. You can also check out our Fortnite Item Shop update for today here.

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