Fortnite Item Shop June 21 | Current Item Shop

The Fortnite Item Shop for June 21 brings different skins, emotes, harvesting tools and skin wraps. You can know more about the current status of the fortnite item shop here.

Fortnite Item Shop June 21
Fortnite Item Shop June 21

Fortnite Item Shop June 21: Since, the past few days Fortnite has brought a lot of new skins, events, accessories, and emotes to the item shop. With the all-new theme of aliens and outer dimensional characters and skins, we can see a huge variety of skins released in that fashion.

In Season 7, we can expect a lot of newer skins, accessories, emotes, and characters. So, without further ado let’s hop onto what’s currently in the Fortnite Item Shop today.

What is in the Current Fortnite Item Shop of June 21?

what is current fortnite item shop
Current Fortnite item shop

Here, we will discuss the current Fortnite Item Shop Status. So, in the Featured Items for today, we have a bunch of skins from Chapter 1 and 2 both. Another notable thing was the addition of the Extraterrestrial emote fortifying the theme of Season 7. We can also see a set of other cool emotes. Besides this, we’ll also take a look at the harvesting tools and gliders at a later stage.

Outfits and Back Blings from Featured and Daily Items In Fortnite Item Shop June 21

Etheria Skin
Etheria Skin

From the featured items today the Etheria(Rare) Skin catches the eye the most. It is a skin introduced recently in Chapter 2 Season 6. She comes from the Fallen Oasis set. With her Crystal Spirit back bling costs 1200 V-bucks.

After her, we have the Raptorian The Brave(Rare) Skin introduced at the same time as Etheria. He comes with the Raptor’s Way back bling.┬áThe Bushranger(Rare) from Chapter 2 season 1 is back. It is adorable skin from the Woodsy set with 5 different variants. Also, the Buzzy Bag back bling is something we can buy with it.

Doggo Skin
Doggo Skin

We see the return of the Doggo(Epic) Skin and Chow Down from Chapter 1 Season 9. Coming in 3 different varieties and a back bling. We also have the Oblivion(Legendary) and Splatterella(Rare) Outfits from Chapter 1 Season 4 and Chapter 2 Season 3 respectively. Oblivion is from the Oblivion set with her Destabilizer back-bling. Splatterella comes with the Llama Buster on the other hand. To know more about the details of the Thanos Cup from us head over here.

Harvesting Tools, Gliders, Skin Wraps, and Emotes

We have the Crystalline Battle Wand(Rare) and Oathmaker’s Axe(Rare) from the Fallen Oasis and Honor Bound sets respectively. After that, we have the Honey Hitters with 5 different styles. For Doggo we have the Chew Toy(Uncommon) harvesting tool.

Besides the DC bundles, we don’t have any old or new Glider today. There are also only 2 Skin Wraps for today. The Ruff(Uncommon) and Black Violet(Rare).

For the emotes we have the Hit It icon series emote from Chapter 2 Season 6. We have the Phone It In, Extraterrestrial and Amazing Cube emotes. These are all the updates from the Fortnite Item Shop for June 21. You can stay updated on the Fortnite Item Shop with us.

You can read about the Thanos Cup from Epic games here.

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