Team LEGIT Crowned PUBG Mobile KR Farewell Cup | by B4M and PMPC

The PUBG Mobile KR Farewell Cup presented by B4M and PMPC results are here. To know more about the placements read on here.

PUBGM Farewell Cup KR (B4M and PMPC)
Overall Standings Finals by B4M and PMPC

After the great success of Champions Cup Season 5, Pubg Mobile Farewell Cup by B4M and PMPC was another tournament with a massive prize pool of 70,000.

B4M is an organization that provides a platform for underdogs to showcase themselves amongst some emerging underdogs and professional players. Moreover, B4M is having 11.4K followers.

B4M recently organized their latest tournaments. B4M and PMPC did the managing of the event completely. Meanwhile, the tournament organization was for all the emerging underdog teams.

Pubg Mobile Farerwell Cup Overall Standings
Overall Standings-Finals

PUBG Mobile KR Farewell Cup by B4M and PMPC was an event where all emerging underdogs were to battle against each other for a massive prize pool of 70,000INR. Teams from various regions of India are participating not only to represent their organizations but also to represent their state on the platform provided by B4M and PMPC. Want to get the latest redeem codes for PUBG Mobile? Click on the link here to get you there.

Top 3 Teams of PUBG Mobile KR Farewell Cup by B4M and PMPC

Legit Esports
Legit Esports

While the title of PUBG Mobile KR Farewell Cup by B4M and PMPC was crowned by Legit Esports with 48 placement points, 43 kills points, and 91 placement points.

Level X Esports
Level X Esports

Moreover, LevelXOffici came on 2nd position with 49 placement points, 40 kills points, and 89 placement points. Also, it was a close competition for 1st and 2nd position.

Legion Esports(B4M and PMPC)
Legion Esports

Legion came on 3rd position with 57 placement points, 26 kills points, and 83 placement points.

Know more about the previous PUBG Mobile KR Cup here.

Prize Distribution: Grand Finals


#1 –  25,000 INR

#2 –  12,000 INR

#3 – 10,000 INR

#4 –  8,000 INR

#5 –  5,000 INR

#6 – 2000 INR

#7 – 2000 INR

#8 – 2000 INR

#9 – 2000 INR

#10 – 2000 INR

While all matches of Grand Finals were played with Robin round system. Finally, 24 teams were divided into 3 groups, 8 teams in each group, and battled against each other. Grand Finals will contain 3 days.

Watch all details of PUBG Mobile KR Farewell Cup on B4M’s official Instagram handle.

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