Collect Spray Cans Fortnite: All Locations In Dirty Docks and Pleasant Park

collect spray cans Fortnite
Fortnite Spray Cans location

Collecting Spray Cans Fortnite is one of the challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7, Week 2. While there are many spray cans in Dirty Docks and Pleasant Park, players are required to collect two spray cans in Fortnite to complete this quest.

The most enticing part about this challenge is that you can grab 30,000 XP from the challenge. The overall challenge gets pretty easy if you are well aware of all the locations in advance.

Where are the Spray Cans Dirty Docks Fortnite?

To collect the spray cans in Fortnite, you have to search them throughout the garages and warehouses. There are eight spray containers in Fortnite. Both Dirty Docks and Pleasant Park contain four of them.

Spray Can 1: It is present on the west side of the warehouse located in the region’s centre. To reach here, you can mark the orange shelves on the map.

Spray Can 2: Just like the previous one, it is also present in the central warehouse. You can easily find the second container somewhere near the orange shelves.

Spray Can 3: This spray can is present in a warehouse located on the eastern side, near yellow racks.

Spray Can 4: There is one storehouse in Dirty Docks to collect sprinkler containers. It is present in the southern parts under the ground floor stairs.

Where to obtain Spray Containers in Pleasant Park Fortnite: All Locations

Similarly, there are four spray containers in Pleasant Park. You can land in any of the two locations as you have to get only a pair of a can. The following are the locations to collect these containers from Pleasant Park:

Spray Can 1: You can find it in a garage of a house. This house is present in the northeastern region.

Spray Cans 2: Go to the house in the southwest house with basement bulkhead doors. The spray can is present in the garage of the house.

Spray Can 3: It is present nearby the washing device in the house. You can find this house in the south of the above-illustrated location.

Spray Can 4: This container is present in the largest house along the western street of this region.

In a nutshell, you can easily complete this quest as you have to collect only two spray cans. Land in either of the place according to your choice. Try to collect both containers from the same location. This will help you fulfil the task easily and quickly.

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