How to Get Valorant Ignition Card For Free?

Having trouble getting the new Valorant Ignition Card? Here is a brief detail about how you will get the new card.

Valorant Ignition Card
Ignition series 2020

Recently, Vaorant marked the first anniversary of its launch. And, to celebrate the occasion the officials are giving away Valorant Ignition Card for Free. Moreover, the card is available for all the players in the game, and it’s a kind of surprise gift for all. So, have you got your card yet?

Where to Find Valorant Ignition Card?

Valorant Ignition Card
The New Valorant Card

In recent few weeks, Riot came up with a lot of free gifts for their players including the new Valorant Ignition Card. Furthermore, they gave away a total of seven cards for free. First, they revealed an origin-themed trailer and gave a code to their players. Although, the redemption website crashed and it was difficult to redeem it.

The second time, they came up with a total of six cards to celebrate the Pride Month of May. Moreover, they revealed seven different codes by which players can claim the cards for free. Additionally, there was no time limit for the card and that is why it was not that tough to get the card.

To Redeem these two cards, visit the official redemption website of Valorant.

And now, they are going to give a Valorant Ignition Card for free. Furthermore, this one is to celebrate the one-year mark of the game and, all the players will receive the card. As it was difficult to redeem the cards in past, this time the card is sent directly to the players.

The players can see a new addition of cards in their collection. Moreover, there are still two more cards to come and they will also be free to redeem.

Additionally, this is the card for Episode one and there are two more cards to be launched. Furthermore, the next card which is for Episode 2 will release on 14th June and Episode 3 on 22nd June.

Furthermore, you have nothing to do to claim the Valorant Ignition Card, just check out the inventory in the collection section. To claim the third card, players might have to use codes to redeem it. Moreover, the 1st one is given away directly to the players because of the traffic issue on the website.

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