Best Fortnite Tracker Network & All About it

Fortnite trackers are available online, to learn more about what they are, where they can be found and if they are safe keep reading.


There is always a debate on which is the best Fortnite tracker site available online. Here we will discuss in brief what Fortnite tracker sites are for, which sites should you prefer, and are they safe to use or not.

By far the most popular Fortnite tracking site available is Fortnite Tracker while the popular ones also include Storm Shield and Fortnite Scout. It is ambiguous which of these is the best one to use but we’ll try to cover their details over here.

The Tracker Network(Fortnite Tracker) keeps a database of your stats for all of your games for a lifetime. Not only does it offer more flexible stats but also covers those stats which are not covered in-game by Fortnite.

What is Fortnite Tracker?

Storm Shield
Storm Shield

Basically, a Fortnite Tracker site has a detailed database of your stats, your in-game achievements, Fortnite events, kills, creatives, and almost all possible available stats. You can also see other players’ stats and have a competitive overview of those stats.

Besides this, the Fortnite Tracker or Tracker Network also involves the current events, item shop updates, Power Rankings, Leaderboards, and other stats of famous players as well. With a user base of about 96 million people, it is quite popular. Also including their mobile app to provide flexibility for tracking your data anytime and anywhere.

The Fortnite Tracker also allows you to track your TRN Rating in Fortnite. TRN Rating is decided on your gameplay throughout games in Solo, Duo, and Squads. Players can have a TRN rating from 0-5000 (0 being poor and 5000 being the best).

The registration is fast and easy just make sure that you use the same e-mail for tracking everywhere with your identity in Fortnite.

Where can you get Tracker Network?

Tracker Network Android
Tracker Network Android

Any Fortnite Tracking site is available online. As mentioned earlier it is still ambiguous as to which site can you prefer. You can find the websites on Google and determine which works the best for you. Most people consider the Tracker Network as the best for Fortnite.

Apart from this, you can also download the mobile app of Tracker Network on the android play store, iOS App store, Overwolf, and even get their discord bot to track every stats.

Are Fortnite Tracking Sites Safe?

According to the site itself, sensitive and private data exchange takes place over an SSL secured communication channel, and encryption is used with digital signatures. The site claims that it doesn’t sell, rent, or trade its users’ data.

Although, some players might prefer to not share the personal data of their gameplay. But at the end of the day, what matters to a gamer most is the competition itself. Hence, for this purpose Tracker Network is the best way to do it by far in Fortnite. All you need is either a gamer tag, PSN, or account ID to know about a specific player.

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