How to Craft Pistols in Fortnite: Finish the Quest Faster

During the week 12 season, 6 challenges players came across another quest that needs to craft pistols. What this means is to craft a primal revolver using a makeshift revolver or makeshift pistol. Find where you can get the makeshift pistols in Fortnite here.

Makeshift revolver
Rare Makeshift Revolver

With the start of Battle Pass Season 6 Week 12 Challenges yet another challenge faces us with some difficulty. To craft pistols is an easier task as compared to finding them in Fortnite. For the purpose you’ll require a Makeshift Pistol or a Makeshift Revolver.

So, in order to complete the crafting pistols challenge we’ll discuss it in detail. What does crafting pistols mean, Where can you find them and how can you finish the quest faster.

How to Craft Pistols and What Does it Mean in Fortnite?

Primal Pistol
Epic Primal Pistol

By crafting pistols in Fortnite, it means to go to your inventory into the crafting tab and craft a pistol.

Now, all pistols can’t be crafted. For this specific purpose, you’ll need a ‘Makeshift Pistol’ or ‘Makeshift Revolver’. These are quite hard to find and found in chests. But there are certain locations on the map where you’ll surely be able to find them.

But, you can use mechanical parts or even animal bones to craft the ‘Makeshift Pistol’. By upgrading it once you can upgrade its rarity once. If you keep hoarding mechanical and animal bones together you’ll find it easier to upgrade any pistols you find during the game.

Now in order to craft any pistol, rarity also plays an important role.

Rarity change

Mechanical parts required Animal Bones required

Where can you find the Makeshift Pistols?

Primal Pistol
Primal Pistol

If you want to find the Makeshift Pistols at the beginning of the game follow the steps below:

  • Land on Holly Hedges
  • Gather as many gas cans as you can (should be lying in the garages or outside the houses)
  • Blow up the gas cans in 2-3 houses
  • After the houses are burnt visit them one by one
  • There should be Makeshift Pistols lying around inside the house loot

This is a small trick that you can use to get Makeshift Pistols easily. Also, make sure that you farm mechanical parts from cars around you. Since there are plenty of cars available in Holly Hedges and you can gather mechanical parts from them. You can also farm animal bones but they’ll be harder to find.

If you happen to find a Makeshift Pistol beforehand start farming mechanical parts as soon as you can.

Follow this video for a detailed overview:

How can you Finish the Quest Faster?

Keep repeating the aforementioned process and you’ll soon be able to finish the quest. It is quite an easy process and if you’re lucky you can find many Makeshift Revolvers during the game. Soon, you’ll be able to finish the quest. Farming mechanical parts will be easier than animal bones. Hence, you can finish the quest to craft pistols faster this way in Fortnite.

Follow this guide to know more about crafting weapons.

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