Best Way to Hunt Predators in Fortnite: Location & More

With the new Battle Pass missions of week 12 in Fortnite players need to hunt predators down to finish it. To know the locations of the predators, how to hunt these predators and where you can find them check this out.

Hunt Predators Fortnite Battle Pass mission
Fortnite wolves

Are you stuck on your quest to hunt predators in Battle Pass of Fortnite? Finding it hard to find predators’ locations across the map? All your doubts will be cleared in this guide.

According to a new Battle Pass mission, players need to Hunt down predators in Fortnite. It is hard to find the location of predators in Fortnite. Nevertheless, this guide will help you out in finding them and completing your Battle Pass mission.

What are the Predators in Fortnite?

Fortnite predator
Hunt predators location

However, predators mentioned in the mission are not just any predators. You will not be able to complete the mission if you hunt boars or chickens. Henceforth, you will have to look for wolves and raptors to complete your mission.

Location: Where are the predators in Fortnite?

There are no exact locations of these predators but you can find them in specific spawn locations. Keep in mind that these are the spawn locations so the animals will wander away from their spawns. So, you will have to keep looking for them around that location.

Some of the frequent locations to hunt these predators spawning in Fortnite are:

First: Between the Catty Corner and Retail Row

Second: To the northeast of Stealthy Stronghold

Third: South of the Sweaty Sands

Fourth: Near the west of Lazy Lake in the Spire’s region

Fifth: At the southern end of Misty Meadows

Sixth: Around Weeping Woods

Hence, these are pretty much all the locations that can spawn these predators that you need to hunt down.

How to Hunt down the Predators in Fortnite?

Fornite Raptor
Fornite Raptor & Hunt predators location

As mentioned earlier look for the predators in a car. Maintain your distance from them (Especially from raptors) since they can do lethal damage if you’re not careful enough.

Follow the steps below for an easier approach:

Step-1: Use the terrain to your advantage. Use mountains and cliffs to observe their locations.

Step-2: Always fight to maintain distance or else they can damage or even kill you.

Step-3: Equip Shotguns/Assault Rifles to deal with them.

Step-4: Grenades are a huge help!

Step-5: Enter cars to shield your health.

Step-6: Don’t use melee weapons!

Consequently using the aforementioned steps, you can easily complete the Battle Pass mission of hunting the predators. However, wolves are easier to deal with than raptors so if you find them anywhere you can go for them any time.

The locations are vague but can help you find the predators faster and complete the mission faster.

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