AMD Ryzen Skyesports League 2021 Final: Full Score Here

AMD Ryzen Skyesports tournament final was played between Bengaluru and Rajasthan. If you missed the match, don't worry, get the whole match report here.

Skyesports League 2021 Final
Rajasthan Strikers Winners

Rajasthan Strikers defeated once again Bengaluru Crushers but, this time in AMD Ryzen Skyesports League 2021 final to become Champions. Earlier, in the last week, they defeated them to book their slot in the finals, whereas Crushers faced the winner of eliminator to reach the finals.

Match Report: AMD Ryzen Skyesports League 2021 Final

Rajasthan took a flying start in the match and won the first two maps and dominated Bengaluru in every aspect. Furthermore, it was almost clear that they are going to win the match in the third or in the fourth round.

But, Bengaluru had some other intentions as they introduced a comeback in front of Rajasthan. Moreover, the next two matches were won by Bengaluru Crushers and took the match into the final map.

SK Rossi who dominated with the agent Jett throughout the AMD Ryzen Skyesports League 2021 tournament, added a massive amount of kills in the final. But in the end, his team ended up on the losing side.

Match 1 of AMD Ryzen Skyesports League 2021 Final: Haven

Skyesports League 2021 Final
Match 1 Winner

Despite all the odds, Hyderabad made a sensational start of the game with a 6-0 lead while attacking first. Although, Bengaluru managed to make up the lead and went somewhere near but failed to win the match.

MW1, the player who is said to be the find of the tournament picked up the most 22 kills. Furthermore, the top fragger of the tournament SK Rossi followed him with 16 kills.

Final Score- 13-8(Rajasthan Strikers)

Top Fragger- MW1 (22 Kills with Phoneix)

Ace- 1 Blackhawk (Rajasthan Strikers)

Match 2 AMD Ryzen Skyesports League 2021 Final: Bind

Skyesports League 2021 Final
Match 2 Results

Rajasthan once again dominated the match completely and was found the better team in every aspect. Just like the first match, they started with a winning streak and continued it to 5-0. Moreover, the match showed us that how well planned were Rajasthan for the finals.

Despite collecting 22 kills SK Rossi failed to take his team near to the scoreline of Rajasthan Strikers. Moreover, it was MW1 again with some great frags for his team.

Final Score- 13-4(Rajasthan Strikers)

Top Fragger- SK Rossi( 22 Kills with Jett)

Match 3(Icebox)

Skyesports League 2021 Final
Match 3 Results

Bengaluru made a comeback on the third map which was Icebox. Furthermore, Bengaluru is undefeated on the map for the whole tournament.

Moreover, there was a fightback from Rajasthan too and they tried to snatch the game in the end. But, the AMD Ryzen Skyesports tournament’s MVP SK Rossi was the barrier for them.

Final Score- 13-10(Bengaluru Crushers)

Top Fragger– SK Rossi( 33Kills with Jett)

Match 4(Split) 

AMD Ryzen Skyesports
Match 4 Results

Bengaluru crushers were found once again crushing their enemies on Split. Furthermore, they made sure that the match goes for the final map to decide the winner.

Skillz and SK Rossi once again dominated a map and as a result, they lead their team towards victory.

Final Score- 13-3(Bengaluru Crushers)

Top Fragger– SK Rossi( 18Kills with Jett), Skillz (18 kills with Raze)

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AMD Ryzen Skyesports League 2021 Awards

MVP Player– SK Rossi (Bengaluru Crushers, 1288 kills in 17 matches)

AMD Ryzen Skyesports
SK Rossi MVP

WD_Black Emerging Player: MW1(Rajasthan Strikers, 999 kills in 16 matches)

Young Sensation: Smx( Delhi Dragons, 607 Kills in 11 matches)

ACT Game Changer: Sway( Hyderabad Nawabs, 335 kills in 10 matches)

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