AMD Ryzen Skyesports Tournament: Bengaluru Reaches Final

Bengaluru Crushers used their second chance well and made it into the finals of AMD Ryzen Skesports. Know here the complete details.

Bengaluru Crushers
Skyesports Final

Bengaluru Crushers crushed Hyderabad Nawabs to book their slot in the final of the AMD Ryzen Skyesports tournament. Furthermore, they will face now Rajasthan Strikers in the final.

Match Report of AMD Ryzen Skyesports Tournament Qualifier 2

Bengaluru Crushers had a struggling start and they were getting a good neck-to-neck competition from the Nawabs. Moreover, it was Skillz and Kappa from them who tried their best and made sure that Hyderabad doesn’t have complete control.

Furthermore, it was just a matter of time for the tournament’s best SK Rossi to come up and perform. Moreover, he took a 4 kill round after the switch round and there was nothing stopping him from there.

Furthermore, they will be facing Rajasthan now, who defeated them earlier in qualifier 1. As this the last match of the tournament, the crushers will try not to repeat the same mistakes.

Match 1 Icebox of AMD Ryzen Skyesports Tournament

AMD Ryzen Skyesports Tournament

Bengaluru Crushers won the first map Icebox without having any trouble. Furthermore, Skillz was the top fragger of the map followed by his teammate Kappa. Moreover, Kappa took an ace against the Nawabs.

Moreover, in the AMD Ryzen Skyesports tournament, Bengaluru Crushers never lost a match on Icebox.

Final Score: 13-5(Bengaluru Crushers)

Top Fragger: Skillz(26 kills with Killjoy)

Match 2 Haven

AMD Ryzen Skyesports Tournament

Although it was selected by Hyderabad, it was Bengaluru who ran the show. Moreover, SK Rossi showed why he is the best player in the tournament by collecting 10 first bloods for his team.

Furthermore, Skillz as a Cypher also collected 22 kills was the one behind Rossi. Additionally, Bengaluru took the lead of 2-0 and put their first leg in the finals.

Final Score: 13-7(Bengaluru Crushers)

Top Fragger: SK Rossi (23 kills with Jett)

Match 3 Split

AMD Ryzen Skyesports Tournament

Bengaluru continued its dominance and crushed the Nawabs on the third map also. Moreover, this time it was Hellranger with 20 frags to top the chart of kills.

Furthermore, Hyderabad failed to make a comeback and they lost all three maps including the one they selected.

Final Score: 13-7(Bengaluru Crushers)

Top Fragger: Hellranger (20 kills with Omen)

Now, Bengaluru Crushers will be facing Rajasthan Strikers for the final time in the tournament. Moreover, this time they will try to win it as there be no second chances.

The match will be streamed on the YouTube channel of Skyesports.

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