War Mania India Cup BMIC :Results, Winners of Day 3

War Mania India Cup qualifiers are over as all three matched ended on Day 3. Here you'll find the results and stats of all three matches.

War Mania India Cup BMIC
Match 1 Final Circle

War Mania India Cup BMIC third day ended in a quite entertaining way. However, Team War Mania, Stalwart Esports, and Resistance Esports officials took the chicken dinner.

The three days qualifier and now ended. Furthermore, the top 16 teams will march forward for the grand final of this 1,20,000 prize pool tournament. The tournament’s title sponsors are Hail esport & Alvora playsports.

Day 3 Results: War Mania India Cup BMIC

Match 1 of BMIC

War Mania India Cup BMIC
Match 1 Results

Team War Mania tasted the chicken dinner from the first match. Moreover, the game was played between groups A and B and 22 teams landed on the field of Erangle. War Mania picked up 8 kills, this means they must have taken a boost in the points table as they were 21st on Day 2.

Fintox finished second with 6 kills followed by Revenge Esports with 2 kills. War Mania’s Ronny picked up 4 kills out of the total 8 and helped his team towards the victory. Team Fintox was the table topper of Day 2 of the tournament.

Match 2 of War Mania India Cup

War Mania India Cup BMIC
Match 2 Results

The second match was played between groups B and C. Furthermore, team Resistance Esports officials grabbed the chicken dinner with 12 kills. Reo’s Aaron16 was the top fragger with 5 kills.

Team Learn from past lead by Encore finished second with 11 kills. Moreover, Austin and Topdawg managed to pick up 4 and 5 kills respectively. REO was also out of the qualifying zone as they were 19th on Day 2. Certainly, the points table has changed and these teams made their way up for the final in BMIC.

Match 3 of BMIC

War Mania India Cup BMIC
Match 3 Results

Alike yesterday, Stalwart Esports once again finished the day with a chicken dinner. However, it was their second win at the War Mania India Cup tournament. STE grabbed 12 kills and their players TapaTap and Balze2op shared 9 kills together.

Team IND finished 3rd with four kills. Moreover, IND was 3rd in the table followed by STE with a difference of just 2 points.

Match 3
Match 3

The qualifiers ended today and the results will be uploaded on the official Instagram handle of War Mania. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see the top 16 teams battling for the heavy prize pool in the War Mania India Cup tournament. The grand final will be streamed on the YouTube channel of War Mania.

Youtube Channel Link

Instagram Link

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