War Mania India Cup Tournament : Results, Winners of BMIC on Day 2

Three matches were played on Day 2 of the India Cup which is organized by Warn Mania. Here is the complete list of winners and the results.

 BMIC War Mania India Cup
War Mania India Cup

BMIC: On the second of the War Mania India Cup Tournament Fintox, Global esports, and Stalwart Esports emerged as winners.

A total of 33 teams are divided into three groups of 11 each. Furthermore, the first was played between A and B, the second between B and C, and the third was played between A and C.

War Mania India Cup Tournament Results on Day 2

The first match of BMIC

Out of these 33 teams, the best 16 teams will be qualifying for the next round based on the points. On DAY 2, The matches were quite intense and now to qualify the lower teams will need to play well on the 3rd Day to qualify.

However, the final results take few hours after the completion of the match. The final standings of the teams after Day 2 of the War Mania India Cup Tournament can be checked on the official Instagram handle of War Mania.

Match 1 of War Mania BMIC

War Mania India Cup BMIC
First Match

Fintox won the first match with 11 kills. Moreover, the last zone shifted towards the farm area where teams clustered and fought for survival.

Team Walkouts were the runners-up with 9 kills. MaxyWD from the team collected 7 kills which were highest in the first map. UME finished 3rd with 5 kills followed by team VSG. Fintox were second after the first day of War Mania India Cup.

Match 2 of War Mania BMIC

War Mania India Cup BMIC
Results for 2nd match

Team Global esports triumphed the second match and emerged as winners. Moreover, it was GE Dark who clutched in the end to seal the victory.

Furthermore, the last zone was near Shelter and teams fought hard to survive. Team Elite Force finished second with 4 kills followed by TGW with 7 kills. However, Maxkash from Galaxy Racer Celtzz was the top fragger with 5 kills. Although, his efforts were not enough for a chicken dinner as they finished 6th.

Match 3 of War Mania BMIC

War Mania India Cup Tournament
Results of Match 3

In the end, it was Stalwart Esports who dominated the match with 18 kills.Β However, the zone ended near their drop location Yasnaya Polyana. BlazeOp from STE was the top fragger with 6 kills followed by his teammates who were on 4 kills.

Furthermore, Hail finished 2nd as it was a 2vs4 in the end. However, Revenge esports finished 4th this time with 7 kills. Moreover, STE were ninth in the table and the win must have boosted them up in War Mania India Cup Tournament.

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