CODM: High Tier Loot Zone & How to Unlock the SKS Fast?

This article contains information about High Tier Loot Zones in CODM & How to unlock the SKS fast in COD Mobile.


Eager to unlock the New SKS but having trouble locating the ‘High Tier Loot Zones’ in CODM? We’ve got you covered. High Tier Loot Zones are the locations that are marked Orange on your map. To be precise, the name of those spots will be highlighted in Orange.

High Tier Loot Zones: CODM

High Tier Loot Zones spawn randomly on the map. Before landing, find the ‘area name’ titled in Orange & glide towards it. You’ll find a variety of loot there & beware as it is also the favourite spot of pro players in the lobby.

High Tier Loot Zone - CODM
High Tier Loot Zone – CODM

Missions to Unlock the SKS: CODM

Players need to complete the following missions under the BR Buff Seasonal Challenge to unlock the SKS –Marksman Rifle.

  • Play three BR Matches – 200 Credits:
  • Kill five enemies in high-tier loot zones – Scout – Wrap skin
  • Use Trap Master BR Class 10 times – Backpack 1 – Wrap skin
  • Pick up a Customized Weapon from an Airdrop in Battle Royale three times – 15 Weapon XP card
  • Kill five enemies with a Customized Weapon from your loadout – FHJ-18 – Wrap skin
  • Pick up an Epic Weapon in Battle Royale three times – ORV – Trance skin
  • Kill 5 enemies with a Legendary weapon in Battle Royale – 15 Weapon XP card
  • Kill 5 enemies with Annihilator in BR – SKS

How to unlock the SKS Marksman Rifle quickly in CODM?

  1. For the first mission, select any mode between BR Blitz or Alcatraz & Play it three times.
  2. As for the second one, most players objected that this mission is bugged. Some players also reported that they had to play the matches over & over again to complete the task. To unlock SKS in High Tier Loot Zones CODM, make sure you get at least one kill in the High Tier Loot Zone & also win the match. That is why it’s taking such a long time & most players haven’t got their hands on the SKS yet. Furthermore, you may need to play three to five matches to complete the specified task.
  3. For the Trap Master mission, just go out in the BR Classic Mode & use the Trap Master (available for purchase in Credit Store) ten times. Try using the Chip Station to recharge your class quickly.
  4. Play Alcatraz, where there are constant airdrops. Loot your customized weapon three times & complete the task.
  5. To pick up Epic Weapon (Purple Colour) just land on any high tier loot zone & get the job done.
  6. Play Alcatraz & find Legendary (Golden Colour) in Airdrops.
  7. Again, Play Alcatraz, get to an AirDrop & look for the Annihilator. Kill 5 enemies with the gun & voila! You get the SKS.

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