How to Unlock Desperado Battle Royale Class in COD Mobile?

Desperado class
Desperado class

The new BR Class Desperado is a fresh addition to the Battle Royale of CODM Season 1. Much like the PC Game COD Warzone, this class will offer players another fighting chance after being knocked down.

Features of Desperado: CODM

In CODM’s PC counterpart COD Warzone, there’s a mode named Gulag Fight. It is a 1v1 Duel Mode that kickstarts after opponents on the battlefield take you out. Basically, this mode offers the players another chance to return to the battlefield. The all-new BR Class Desperado resembles the same feature from COD Warzone. Desperado allows the player to shoot while they are knocked down. Furthermore, upon a successful reattempt of taking out the enemy, the player can heal himself & stand on his feet again.

With the Desperado Class equipped, players will get a pistol option on the screen whenever they get knocked. The pistol carries a mag of 18 rounds. You’ll also get all the light ammo you are carrying as reserve. That’s another plus. Kill any player with the pistol to activate the Self-Revive button. Remember, you have to kill at least one enemy before your HP runs out. Otherwise, you’ll suffer the same fate as other players who are using different class upgrades.

Moreover, this class also comes with a Shield Turret. With its limitless supply of ammo, players can unleash heavy firepower & dominate the battlefield. However, once the Shield Turret is placed, it becomes unremovable. So, choose your spot wisely.

Desperado class
Desperado class

How to Unlock Desperado Class in CODM?

Desperado class is a challenge-based reward under the ongoing event “Desperado” in featured events. Players need to complete the following tasks to unlock this class.

  • Use armour plates to repair your vest is BR five times (x10)
  • Enter top 20 in Battle Royale 2 times (x10)
  • Survive in Battle Royale for 20 mins (x10)
  • Ride 100 meters in BR with the Snowboard (x10)
  • Kill three enemies in Ski Town in BR Isolated (x10)
  • Use Smoke Bomber Class in Battle Royale five times (x10)
  • Use Hacker Class in BR five times (x10)
  • Deal 2000 damage in Battle Royale (x10)
  • Pick up an Epic weapon in Battle Royale five times (10)
  • Play three BR Matches with friends (x20)
  • Kill ten enemies with Assualt Rifles in Battle Royale (x20)
  • Heal 1000 points in Battle Royale (x20)
Desperado class
Desperado class

There are secondary rewards such as ‘QQ9-The Numbers’ & Cosmic Wave Parachute as well. The event is live till 28th February 2021. A minimum of 120 points is needed to unlock the Desperado class. So, select your missions smartly. You can check out the gameplay here.

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