Batman x Fortnite Zero Point Issue 2: Everything to Know

Players are excited about the Batman Wing Glider and the new storm mechanism. The new issue also comes with a code that helps you obtain this glider.

Batman Fortnite
Batman Fortnite

Batman x Fortnite Zero Point Issue 2 story is full of ups and downs. Issue 2 is already released on May 4, 2021. Players are excited about the Batman Wing Glider and the new storm mechanism. The new issue also comes with a code that helps you obtain this glider.

Apart from this storyline of Issue 2 is very interesting. Users are enjoying the mesmerizing chemistry of Catwoman and Batman. They face many ups and downs but still decided to become strong pillars for each other.

Batman x Fortnite Zero Point Issue 2: All Details

Fortnite Issue 2
Fortnite Issue 2

The story begins when Batman awakens in Weeping Woods with a lost memory. But luckily he finds some notes written by him on his armor. These notes read as ‘This has happened before and You have twenty-two minutes.’

He immediately reads the message. But Batman x Fortnite Zero Point Issue 2 offers a land full of combats. So, he ends up in a fight and fortunately wins. From there he flings to the very famous Batcave. At first, he is in delusion regarding entering the cave. As he thinks it may end up a trick from his opponents. But somehow he enters the cave.

There he finds fisher posters, a Llama toy, and a little piece of wood. In addition to this, the wood piece reads ‘Cat is a friend’. Then he runs to find the cat. Initially, he faces combat with six characters. But in the end, only Catwoman and Batman stay alive.

Now from here they together try to search for hatches. They went under the water. Here they are seen using breathing masks. These masks may turn as a leak for future items of Fortnite. When they come out of water Catwoman attacks Batman. Also, the whole scene ends up with a note ‘Feelings do carry over’ from Batman.

In the next phase, they are at the Steamy Stacks. Initially, they avoid each other and tries to find Harley Quin by using binoculars. They ask for help from her but she denies it.  After that Batman, himself tries to learn the mechanics of the storm which initially left him at the Weeping Woods. He tries to find a trick to break the mechanics of the storm.

The next storm circle in Batman x Fortnite Issue 2 is at Lazy Lake. Here Catwoman takes the multiple tools of Batwoman. She places it at the center of the storm. After the storm, they find the tool at the next location of the storm cycle.

Storm Mechanism

Batman x Fortnite Zero Point Issue 2
Batman x Fortnite Issue 2

The interesting thing in this season is the addition of these loop storms. Whenever someone enters in the loop storm they end up being projected to the next location. An only a single character can survive in such storms.

They together try to escape to the new location using a storm. But it didn’t work. However, Batman put himself into the void.

The next storm happens at Carrol Castle. Here Batman asks the Catwoman to kill him using his knife. So, she kills him. In the end, Catwoman is left.

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