Free Fire World Series 2021: Indian Teams Unable to Play Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

According to an announcement made by the Singapore Government, the two qualified Indian Teams in the FFWS 2021 will not be able to participate in the Finals held in Singapore, due to the ongoing COVID situation. Read the article to find out more information.

Free Fire World Series 2021
FFWS 2021

Free Fire World Series 2021 (FFWS) will commence from May 22nd in Singapore. However, the two Indian teams qualified for the tournament are unable to partake in FFWS 2021.

In addition, it was announced that the teams won’t be able to compete due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Further, the company disclosed this news through their Facebook post. For instance, this statement comes after the Singapore Government made an announcement.

For instance, the announcement forbids the entry or transit of all long-term pass holders and short-term visitors with a travel history to India from 11:59, April 23.

To clarify, the announcement says

“We make this difficult decision to proceed with the World Series without the teams from India. after having explored all options to include them. We empathize and share the disappointment of both teams and will award both teams with a share of the prize pool – to recognize their efforts and achievement in qualifying for the World Series”.

Therefore, the two teams, Galaxy Racer and Team Elite, who qualified for the FFWS 2021 won’t be able to play.

However, Garena will share the $2 million grand prize “to recognize their efforts and achievement in the Free Fire World Series”.

In a scenario, when India is having its terrible week to battle the pandemic, Garena is handling the situation fairly.

On the other hand, they are now reorganizing their approach to observe the current situation during the pandemic.

Free Fire World Series 2021 will take place in Two Stages

  1. Play-ins
  2. Finals

Here are the Teams for FFWS 2021 Play-ins

  • DEA (MENA)
  • Team TG (Pakistan)
  • Team Riot (Bangladesh)
  • LOUD (Brazil)
  • Team Elite (India – now excluded)
  • First Raiders Bravo (Indonesia)
  • God’s Plan (Latin America)
  • Attack All around (Thailand)
  • New Gank (Singapore)
  • HQ Esports (Vietnam)
  • Singularity Invincible (CIS)
  • Vaixourar (Europe)

Here is the List of the Qualified Teams for the Free Fire World Series 2021

  • Galaxy Racer (India – now excluded)
  • FLUXO (Brazil)
  • Geek Fam (Malaysia/Philippines)
  • Evos Esports ID (Indonesia)
  • Team Aze (Latin America)
  • Evos Esports TH (Thailand)
  • LGDS (Taiwan)
  • Burst the Sky (Vietnam)
  • Silence (CIS)
  • VIP Esports (MENA)

Most Importantly, Garena Free Fire has also become one of the most downloaded mobile games in 2020. These statistics are both based on iOS and Google Play stores.

Subsequently, it has become the highest-grossing mobile game in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and India for the fourth quarter.

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