SICO: A New Indian Mobile FPS Game Announced. Pre-Registration Link.

Read this article for information regarding the upcoming SICO- Special Insurgency Counter Operations game. Find the pre-registration link down below.

SICO- Special Insurgency Counter Operations - First Look
SICO- Special Insurgency Counter Operations – First Look

SICO- Special Insurgency Counter Operations, a brand-new mobile game, has been announced by a famous game developer- Indic Arena. As an Indian developer develops SICO- Special Insurgency Counter Operations, we will see many things and features marking India’s ethics and religious monuments in this upcoming FPS game.

The official trailer teases many things related to Indian ethics and religious culture. The trailer’s first glimpse also showcases that this will be an Online FPS shooting game with various maps and tons of new weapons, scorestreaks and tactical equipment.

More about SICO- Special Insurgency Counter Operations

The maps and terrains of this game have specially designed based on Indian culture and surroundings. This theme adds a new atmosphere to the FPS games community and improvised opportunities. The official trailer of SICO has announced various maps naming Vanam, Mandapa and Parvata. It denotes that game entirely is developed with an Indian backdrop.

The game’s in-game mechanics seem pretty similar to popular games like COD Mobile. It also has similar features like weapon customization, scorestreaks, and other pieces of equipment that increase the game’s challenges and thrills. Various modes in the game add more thrill and challenges for the users. The SICO game will consist of 5 modes at the time of the game’s release.

The five modes are:

1 : Free For All

2: Team Deathmatch

3: Multiple Team Deathmatch

4: Domination

5: Gun Race

Apart from multiplayer modes, the game will also consist of a solo-campaign mode. In which the users can even enjoy the game without teammates.

The SICO developing team are currently working on the game and overall concepts. Therefore the release date of the game is not revealed yet. However, it has expected to be released soon, as the game’s pre-registration has already listed on the Google Play Store. Here’s the link for pre-registration.

New FPS and Battle Royale titles are emerging in the Indian community. This type of games may build a larger fanbase in the upcoming years as they can gain attraction and investments in the Indian Gaming Market.

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