5 Best Free Fire character and Pet Combinations of All Time

In this article, we will take a look at the 5 top 5 best Character and Pet combination in Free Fire.

Free Fire is the most popular battle royale on the mobile platform. The game has different characters with special abilities. It also offers unique pets that use their skill to help players on the battlefield. In this article, we will take a look at the 5 top 5 best Character and Pet combinations in Free Fire.

Best Character and Pet Combinations in Free Fire

  1. Kapella & Otterro

Kapella increases the effects of healing items by 20%, which goes great with Ottero. Unlike other creatures, Double Blubber enables him to recover EP after using a medkit & treatment gun. This complements Kapella’s ability as not only her healing is more effective, but she also boosts EP that can heal her over time.

  1. Clu & Rockie

Clue is a skilled detective, which enables her to locate the standing enemy within a 30mp radius around her for 5 seconds. At max level, she can circle the location for 7 seconds. The cooldown time is 50 seconds. Rockie’s ability – Stay Chill decreases the cooldown time for any active skill by upto 10% when boosted. This character and pet combination will allow you to locate your enemy in shorter intervals.

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  1. Jota & Panda

Jota has a passive ability called ‘Sustained Raids’. When the player kills an enemy with an SMG or a Shotgun, it instantly restores 25 HP. At max level, it gives you up to 40 HP for every kill. Pandas’ ability allows you to restore 4 HP for every kill, and this skill gets enhanced at every level. So you obtain more HP when using a shotgun or SMG. When using different guns as Jota, you also get more HP. This combo is great as Panda’s ability indirectly strengthens Jota’s already beneficial ability.

  1. A124 & Shiba

A124’s ability Thrill of Battle is used converts EP into HP rapidly. The Sahiba pet allows him to locate the nearby mushrooms every 180 seconds. Also, you get EP after consuming mushrooms. Thus, both these skills will go great together.

  1. Kapella & Spirit Fox

Kapella increases the effects of healing items by 20% which goes great with Spirit Fox as well. When a healing pack is used, Spirit Fox gives you an extra 4HP. At higher levels, it increases to an extra 7HP which works excellent with Kapellas’ skill.

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