Among Us in CODM: New Game Mode Leaked

Among Us in CODM
Among Us in CODM

Among Us brought a revolution to the gaming industry in 2020 with its innovative gameplay & interactive objectives. Call of Duty Mobile is up to make a name for itself by introducing a new mode that resembles the same features from Among Us.

Gameplay: CODM Werewolf

According to a report by Dexetro, the Chinese Version’s leaked footage clearly reveals that players engage in completing tasks while being spread out across the map. In this mode titled Werewolf, 12 players spawn at the very center of the Meltdown map & then disperse to collect certain materials & weapons. The loot later becomes rather useful to annihilate threats & fulfil objectives.

Meanwhile, players gather in the center of the map to discuss the round & to identify who is the culprit. Much like Among Us, players have the option to vote & if enough number of votes are cast on one player, that player gets kicked out from the lobby. Participants gets a short window to discuss in between each round & if they are unable to identify the black sheep, the following round will kick start until there’s a winner.

The objectives, on the other hand, are extremely easy. All it requires is walking up to the specific task zone marked on the minimap & follow the instructions. Although, players will need to obtain certain materials spread across the map to get the job done.

Weapons: CODM Werewolf

In case of weapons, players will have a variety of options to choose from. Starting from the five rounds pistol to the one shell shotgun, players can select weapons that suit their play style. Melee weapons are available as well, but running up to your targets will potentially leave you exposed. That said, it’ll also grant you a silent kill.

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