Free Fire: Everything About Gold Royale Bundle in OB25 Update

Gold Royale Bundle in OB25 Update

Free Fire is known for time to time launching new events or draws for the players which allow them to have won some exclusive items, like skins and characters. The gold royale bundles are also available for the players which can be bought in the in-game store. Fortnite recently released a new gold royale bundle in their new OB25 update.

The new gold royale bundle is named as Toxic-Lime Python bundle. Fortnite released some other new cosmetic items and weapon skins along with the new Toxic-Lime Python bundle. The gold bundle pack and other items will be available in the Gold Royale section of Free Fire.

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The Toxic-Lime Python bundle can be found in the Gold Royale section. In order to get this bundle, the players will need to spin the Free Fire prize pool. The players can spin it using Free Fire tokens. The Gold Royale section is available for 60 days before it refreshes to include new items, packs, and bundles. There is enough time available for the players to obtain this gold bundle.

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Free Fire Gold Royale Bundle in OB25 Update: Everything You Need to Know

Toxic-Lime Python bundle in Free Fire

Free Fire has included a shirt, a half bottom, headwear, a mask, knee guards and tights, and a pair of sneakers in the new Toxic-Lime Python bundle.

The Toxic-Lime Python bundle can be obtained by the users by following these steps:

  • Start Free Fire.
  • On the left-hand side of the screen, go to the Lucky Royale section.
  • Inside the Lucky Royale section select Gold Royale by tapping on it.
  • You can spin the wheel in this section. The wheel spin also has two options to spend Free Fire tokens.
    • 1 spin with 300 Free Fire tokens.
    • 11 spins with 3000 Free Fire tokens.
  • Select the spin option you want to use.
  • You can get many prizes by using these spins.
  • The Toxic-Lime Python bundle can also be found in these spins but it is not a guaranteed item you can obtain.

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Apart from the bundles, the other fascinating items that can be found in this section include various cosmetic items like dresses, shirts, bottoms, glasses, and time-limited weapon skins. The weapon skins available will include:

  • Purple Parade
  • Digital Camouflage
  • Lifestream
  • Desert Hunter
  • Bloody Mary

Many other items are also available in the Gold Royale section of Free Fire which you can explore inside the game.

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