PMPL South Asia Season 2: Revised Strucuture, Format, and Pools

PMPL South Asia Season 2

The wait for PMPL South Asia Season 2 is finally over now! The PUBG Mobile Pro League PMPL South Asia Season 2 is going to inaugurate on October 15. However, in PMPL South Asia Region Season 2, there is a decline in the number of slots from 24 to 20. This is because of the PUBG Mobile Ban by the government of India which resulted in a decline in viewership numbers by a large amount.

PMPL South Asia Season 2: Format of the Tournament

PMPL South Asia Season 2: Schedule and Structure

The PMPL South Asia Season 2 format is simple as expected. Similar to the format of last year, PMPL South Asia Season 2 has the following format:

  • Division of 20 teams into five groups with four teams in each pool
  • There will be in total 60 matches with each team playing four matches
  • Matches will be held on every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Out of 20 teams, only 16 teams will qualify for the Finals

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PMPL South Asia Season 2: Structure

Matches in PMPL South Asia Season 2 will be played in round-robin format but first of all, teams have to compete in inter-group wise order to qualify for the Finals.

  • 3 teams with the highest number of points from their respective groups will enter the finals, so, via this, we get a total of 15 teams for the Finals.
  • The 16th team will be selected by contesting the remaining team from each group against one another.

PMPL South Asia Season 2: Pools

The table pools for PMPL South Asia Season 2 is explained below:


  1. Assiduous Esports
  2. Inertia Esports
  3. Team T2K SG
  4. Scytes Esports


  1. PN Crew
  2. Abrupt Slayers
  3. 7 Sea Esports
  4. R3D Esports


  1. Venom Legends
  2. Elementrix
  3. Futurestation Esports
  4. 247 Gaming


  1. A1 Esports
  2. Pain x ELMT
  3. VTN x Jyanmara
  4. Staltwart Esports


  1. CZ x High Voltage
  2. DRS Gaming
  3. Dead Eyes Guys
  4. Team Bablu

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Though there is a ban on PUBG in India still some Indian organizations have signed their players from other South Asian regions so that they can participate in the PMPL South Asia Season 2.

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