Yoru Butterfly Knife Valorant: Price And Where To Buy

Yoru Butterfly Knife Valorant
Yoru Butterfly Knife Valorant

Yoru Butterfly Knife Valorant: Butterfly knives are one of the coolest things in games like CS: GO and Valorant. Moreover, Riot’s Valorant introduced the butterfly knife recently, and players went crazy for it. Now, there is another skin getting released in the butterfly knives category.

So, here are all the details about the upcoming knife in Valorant including its price.

Yoru Butterfly Knife Valorant: Everything You Need To Know About It

Yoru Butterfly Knife Valorant
The new bundle will have skins of Phoneix and Yoru

Yoru Butterfly knife was one of the most demanded skins in the game. Furthermore, the developers listened to the fans and released the skin last month named Balisong. However, the skin looked like a default knife but the animation made it cool.

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You can imagine the demand for the skin by knowing that Valorant’s store went down for a few hours after the skin was launched. So, we can say that players love the skin and the skin is in demand.

Considering the response on the previous skin, Valorant is all set to release another butterfly knife with a cool anime skin of Yoru. Furthermore, the skin will be launched in the bundle which is named Valorant Go Volume 2.0. In the bundle, all the skins have an anime of agents.

The Yoru butterfly knife is a comb knife. Furthermore, Yoru can be seen setting his hair, with the help of his knife.

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Valorant Go 2.0 Skins

Valorant Go 2.0 Skins
Yoru comb butterfly knife

There are different skins in the bundle. A total of five agents are featured on the bundle this time. All the agents on this series were not a part of the last one, which was released last year. Moreover, Yoru is getting featured on the butterfly knife in the Valorant Go 2.0.

The knife skin looks cool and a little different from the last one. It gives the blue and white touch of Yoru. Valorant developers believe the design is enough to make the audience go crazy.

The last butterfly knife cost 1700 VP to the players. However, this time the price of the whole bundle is set at 8,700 VP. The actual price will be revealed tomorrow but we can expect a price of 4,000 VP only for the knife.

Other than Yoru, Sova, Raze, Viper, and Phoneix are getting featured in the Valorant Go 2.0 skin. Yoru on a butterfly knife, Sova on Operator, Phoneix on Vandal, Raze on Ares, and Viper on Classic will be seen in the Valorant Go 2.0.

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