Xbox Free to Play Days: Enjoy Assassin’s Creed and Elder Scrolls

Xbox Free to Play
11/08/2022 | From 10 August until 14 August, a selection of Assassin’s Creed games will be free to download and play, as well as Elder Scrolls too. | Credits: Ubisoft

Xbox’s Free Play Days offer exciting gaming opportunities from August 10th to August 14th. Players can enjoy a selection of Assassin’s Creed and Elder Scrolls titles for free during this limited-time event.

Starting from August 10th and lasting until August 14th, Xbox gamers are in for a treat with the latest edition of Free Play Days. During this event, players can access a range of engaging games, including several titles from the Assassin’s Creed series and the Elder Scrolls franchise. The lineup includes Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood, Revelations, Black Flag, Valhalla, and Elder Scrolls Online. While not every Assassin’s Creed title is available for free, this selection features some of the franchise’s standout entries.

August Gaming Treat

Among the available games, the focus is on Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, known for its captivating narrative and dynamic protagonist, Edward Kenway. This instalment has garnered a reputation as one of the franchise’s best, capturing players’ attention with its rich gameplay and memorable story set in the age of pirates. This opportunity to revisit Black Flag provides a chance to relive the adventures of Edward Kenway without the constraints of microtransactions.

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For those looking to experience classic Assassin’s Creed settings. The Free Play Days event allows players to immerse themselves in historical periods like the Renaissance in Italy. Their intrigue, assassinations, and elaborate outfits make for a captivating gaming experience. The selection provides a taste of the franchise’s evolution over the years. With various periods and locations to explore.

Adding to the excitement, Crash Team Rumble is set to make an appearance during the event. Becoming available on August 12th. This adds a layer of entertainment for players who enjoy fast-paced racing games with a fun and competitive twist.

Free to Play Days

It’s important to note that Free Play Days are a benefit exclusive to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold subscribers. These subscriptions offer gamers access to a range of perks and opportunities to explore different games without purchasing them outright. While these subscriptions involve a cost. They grant players regular access to events like Free Play Days. Which occur frequently, usually every week.

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In comparison, Ubisoft is also offering enticing deals for Assassin’s Creed on new-generation consoles. While these deals are noteworthy and appealing. Xbox’s Free Play Days event provides a unique chance for gamers who already own Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold subscriptions to enjoy some of the best titles in the Assassin’s Creed and Elder Scrolls series without any additional charge.

Gamers can mark their calendars for the upcoming Free Play Days event. Which is set to take place from August 10th to August 14th. During this period, players can dive into the world of Assassin’s Creed and Elder Scrolls. Embarking on epic adventures and exploring historical settings without any financial commitment.

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