What is the World of Wonder Creation in BGMI (2023)?

The World of Wonder Creation in BGMI is a hot topic, and here are all the details about it.

World of Wonder Creation In BGMI
World of Wonder Creation in BGMI (image via. PUBG)

BGMI has released in India after a 10-month ban, and brings along with it several new events and rewards. Accessing the game, people will find themselves right in the middle of the 2.5 update of PUBG. This update has several new features that BGMI fans had never seen before and this includes the World of Wonder Creation in BGMI.

Recently, the M21 Royal Pass became available to players, and also some missions that came along with it. One of the missions requires the player to compete in 3 World of Wonder Creation matches. This is one of the Week 1 missions, but the World of Wonder Creation mode is still not available as of yet, leading to quite a bit of confusion.

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What is World of Wonder Creation?

The World of Wonder creation is a game mode introduced globally in PUBG in the 2.5 update of the game. It is basically a custom map creator game mode, where players can build their own custom maps and place customized challenges in them. Players need to complete these missions in order to complete the event.

The game mode has not been released in BGMI as of yet, but it will soon be made available. It is still in beta version, and newer changes will be coming to the mode after updates. You can find hilarious game modes in this WOW mode, and the tentative release date is supposed to be 2nd June 2023.

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How to access the Wow Creation mode?


Players will need to wait until the game mode is released first. Upon release, players can find the game mode right under the Ranked and Casual sections, where you choose the game mode. You will see the Wow option, and upon clicking it, you will find a lot of custom-made maps that can be played.

To complete the mission for M21 Royal Pass, you simply need to play 3 games on 3 custom maps. If the game mode is not added, you can simply purchase 3 Mission Cards in order to complete it.

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