What is Run 3 and how can you Beat it?

Run 3 is a web browser title with a lot of heart and also a lot of challenges.

Run 3
Run 3 (image via. Run 3)

Run 3 is a browser game where players can race in a never ending run to score the highest points. Here is all about Run 3 and how to play it in an optimal way.

Run 3 is a browser game where the players gets to race through an obstacle course, which progressively gets harder as you go further in the levels. The levels start off with with the easier platforms where the players simply need to jump, but the difficulty will soon escalate to upside down platforms, falling platforms and longer jumps. The dynamic nature makes it a real challenge for players.

Run 3: How to Play it?

YouTube: EazySpeezy

Run 3 is available for free on your web browser. You can simply google it, open the game and start playing it with zero downtime. You do not need to download any additional resources to get this up and running.

The game is a infinite racer, where the players need to make it through the maximum amount of levels in order to score the highest. It has multiple levels, which means players can test out their abilities for as long as they want. Run 3 also ramps up in difficulty as the players advances through the levels.

Players will encounter jumps and empty spaces to dodge in the early stages of the game. Soon there will be added obstacles like falling floor pieces, which will break if you stand too long on it. There will also be wall climbing where players need to turn to the roof in order to keep going. This will be accompanied by longer jumps and more difficult terrain.

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