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What is Cloud Gaming?

What is cloud gaming?
24/02/2024 | Cloud gaming, also known as game streaming, is a way to play video games remotely | Credits: Linkdin/@Jamie Skell 

The Core Idea: Instead of running games on your local console or PC, cloud gaming platforms host powerful servers in data centers around the world. When you play in the “cloud,” these servers run the game, and you get a video stream beamed to your device. Your controller’s inputs go back to the server, creating a real-time gaming experience.

It’s Like Streaming Video, But Interactive: Think Netflix or Disney+,¬†but instead of a movie,¬†the server is running a complex game and responding to your choices nearly instantaneously.

Benefits of Cloud Gaming

  • No Expensive Hardware:¬†You don’t need a top-of-the-line gaming PC or the newest console to enjoy graphically demanding games.¬†A modest device with a good internet connection can handle it.
  • Play Anywhere:¬†Cloud gaming is accessible.¬†Play on your phone,¬†tablet,¬†an older laptop,¬†or even some smart TVs.
  • Always Up-To-Date: Patches,¬†updates,¬†and even the game installation happen on the server side.¬†No massive downloads for you.
  • Try Before You Buy:¬†Many cloud services offer demos or free tiers,¬†so you can try games without spending a dime.
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Drawbacks of Cloud Gaming

  • Reliance on the Internet: You need a fast,¬†stable internet connection for a smooth experience.¬†Lags and disconnects can still happen.
  • Slight Input Delay:¬†Due to the distance data must travel,¬†there’s always a tiny bit of delay compared to playing locally.¬†Competitive players might notice.
  • Potential Visual Compression:¬†While it’s improving,¬†some cloud services slightly compress the video stream,¬†which might be noticeable to those keen on absolute visual fidelity.
  • Ownership:¬†Unlike buying a traditional game,¬†you’re essentially renting access.¬†If a game leaves a subscription service,¬†you might lose access.

How to Try Cloud Gaming

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The Future of Cloud 

Cloud gaming isn’t meant to replace traditional consoles and PCs entirely, but it offers a fantastic alternative. As technology improves, cloud gaming will likely become even more accessible and responsive, opening up high-quality gaming to more people than ever before.