What are the types of Voyages in Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves has a ton of quests and here are all the Voyages that players can get.

Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves Voyages (image via.Sea of thieves wiki)

Sea of Thieves is basically a pirate simulator game where you can get on a ship with your online friends and roam the seas. This comes with a ton of activities to do like hunting for treasure, bounties, sea creatures and also some side-quests like discovering treasure maps. All of these are a part of Voyage that players must take part in, in the game.

You may ask what are Voyages? A Voyage are simply a collection of quests that players can choose to complete. This means that these are longer, involves several missions, and also great treasure. Voyages are voted on by all the members of the crew before embarking. There are also several different kinds of voyages, that can be obtained from a variety of Trading Companies.

Types of Voyages in Sea of Thieves

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Voyages need to be purchased from Trading Companies, and there are several types. Here are all the types and their objectives and rewards:

Gold Hoarders Voyages

The Gold Hoarders questlines generally involves discovering golds and treasures that are buried on islands or vaults. These include three types – Treasure Map Voyage, Wayfinder Voyage, and Onboarding Voyage. These include treasure maps, Wayfinder Compass, and the tutorial (onboarding voyage) on how to vote for and complete a Voyage in Sea of Thieves.

Merchant Alliance Voyages

The Merchant Alliance is responsible for the trade of goods and they can sometimes hire you for the job. These voyages are themed around delivery of crates from one point to another. This can also involve finding lost crates that have been been lost at the sea or on islands.

Order of Souls Voyages

The Order of Souls is a fantastic set of voyage which requires you to defeat a certain amount of enemies in return for bounty rewards. Bounties might requires you to go to certain islands and defeat Pirate Captains. These are Bounty Voyages. Ghost Ship Voyages require you to defeat Ghost Ships.

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Athena’s Fortune Voyages

Athena’s Fortune Voyages comprise of a series of quests with treasure maps, bounties and cargo runs. These also include some amazing storyline PvE quests where players need to find the Pirate Lord and help him uncover the Veil of the Ancients. These are story based quests that add to the lore of the game.

Bilge Rats Voyages

Bilge Rats Voyages in Sea of Thieves included miscellaneous quests that include Mercenary Quests, treasure hunts and Athena’s Run of Thieves’ Haven which is a treasure run. These quests give players some loot along with valuable treasures.

Gilded Voyages

Gilded Voyages are special quests that are offered during the holiday season. These provide players with valuable treasure if they can complete it.

Captains Voyages

Captain’s Voyages are voyages that offer miscellaneous quests that can be completed for treasure and loot. These can either be shorter or longer than regular quests and can be found in Shipwright Shops.

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