What are the new Rewards in BGMI New Royale Pass A2?

There have been several leaks about the BGMI New Royale Pass A2 version which will be coming in the next 3 months.

BGMI New Royale Pass
Battlegrounds Mobile India (image via. BGMI)

BGMI‘s release has brought in some new events in the game and some of the old events are still releasing like before. Here are the rewards you can get from BGMI new Royale Pass A2.

The A2 Royal Pass will be resetting the current Royale pass after a month or so. The current patch has the M22 Royal Pass live on the servers. However, this will be last in the game, as the next pass switches back to A. A1 will be released next, which will be followed by A2. Moreover, the A2 Pass has been leaked extensively, and is looking like a great catch for players who want some premium costume bundle for their characters.

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BGMI New Royale Pass A2 leaked: What can you get?

YouTube: Sameer TG Gaming

The Royale Pass system in BGMI has a variety of cosmetics and in-game items that they might want. There are two types of passes, the first being the Free Pass, where all the rewards are free to unlock upon leveling up. The second is the Elite Pass where, where players can get much more exclusive content including legendary skins for characters, weapons, and also premium currency.

However, the BGMI New Royale Pass A2 has been leaked early with a sneak peak at several of the skins that players can get. There is a rumor that the A2 pass will be bringing in some great skins and here are a few that have been leaked:

  • SKS Skin
  • Legendary Outfits
  • Upgradeable Gun Skin – UMP (Level 3 upgradeable, Kill-feed enabled)
  • Buggy Skin
  • AKM Skin
  • Mythic Outfit
  • Legendary, Epic, and Mythic Emotes
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These are some of the most prominent rewards that have been leaked. We will be getting more leaks and pictures as the days progress. This pass will be from 1 to 100 RP, which means players need a longer time to unlock all the rewards.

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