What are the Game Modes for Paper.io 2?

Paper.io is a popular game and has several game modes, and here is a list of all of them.

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Paper.io is a classic game, and acts like a area capture. Players need to compete with other players in order to capture the largest area within the game area. Here is a list of all the game modes for Paper.io 2.

In Paper.io players need to capture the entire area by defeating opponents. Players can defeat other players by making other players’ head run into your tail. You can capture the territory by making a complete circle around it. With the success of the former game, a sequel has also been released. In Paper.io there are a total of 4 game modes, where there are different objectives.

Paper.io 2 Game Modes

Paper.io 2 has a total of 4 game modes currently. The game originally had a total of 8 game modes, which have been toned down to 4 in their latest installment.

The 4 game modes are:


The Classic Mode is known to anyone that has played Paper.io. You get a small unit that you need to navigate in order to dominate the largest space possible. But there will be several other players who will be trying to do the same. You can defeat other players by making them hit your tail and then take over their territories.


Small refers to the same game but with a few things different. The main feature is the map size, which is far smaller than the classic mode. Players will have a much smaller area to contest for the area. This means frequent fights and much intense gameplay.

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The fast mode will simply increase the speed of the unit you control leading to much harder controls and fights. You need to steer perfectly in order to not hit other players and get destroyed. The mini-map might be a big help in this game mode, as you can see when your area is being destroyed and look out for enemies. The Fast mode is an advanced mode and experienced players would find it challenging as well.

World Conflict

World Conflict is the newest of the 4 and also one of the most competitive. In this mode, players team up for an epic battle royale based on their country’s flag. Before starting this game mode you will need to select the country’s flag that you want to represent. Players under the same flag will support each other to extend their area. You can see the leaderboard and the area that certain countries dominate. Your goal is to get to the top of the leaderboards by defeating other players and taking over.

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