What are some Tips to get better at Slither.io?

Here is a simple guide on how to improve at Slither.io.

Slither.io (image via. Slither.io)

Slither.io is a very popular game, and is basically an upgraded version of the Snake game which were pre-built into mobile phones in the past. However, the game require quite a bit of skill to play due to its multiplayer nature. Here are some simple tips that will make you better at Slither.io.

Slither.io is a game where players get a snake that you can grow by eating glowing orbs. However, you are not alone. There are a ton of other players trying to do the same and grow their snake to dominate the area. As you grow larger, you might even see your name on the leaderboards!

3 Tips to get better at Slither.io

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Slither.io requires you to eat the glowing orbs to get bigger and at the same time avoiding colliding into other snakes to survive. Here are some quick tips to make your ride easier.

Play Safe Early

The key to a good start is focusing on survivability. When you start off the snake you control is weak and small. So in the early game you need to focus on getting more and more glowing orbs and getting bigger. Stay away from other bigger snakes if you are a beginner and eat glowing orbs that appear on the map.

You can use the mini map to stay aware of the other snakes in the area. The big dot is you and the smaller map are other snakes in the area. Other experienced players might try to hunt you, but staying a safe distance away might leave you room to grow.

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Try to Make other Snakes hit your body

This advice will only start applying once you have a pretty sizeable snake in Slither.io. Once you have a bigger body, you can try to hunt other players. To do this you need to make them hit your body. You can achieve this by encircling them or planning by looking at the minimap. You can suddenly appear before a player and surprise them into hitting you. This strategy works well if you are very familiar with how the minimap works.

Try to poach Orbs from bigger Snakes

If you are daring and have enough skills to escape a sticky situation, you can try to start playing aggressive from the start. This involves getting near a bigger snake in Slither.io and trying to gobble up its glowing orbs once they are defeated. However, you need to be very careful as many other players might be aiming for the same, and a fight might be inevitable. On a short note, this strategy is only for experienced players, but this ensures that you can get big really fast.

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