Want to Know About Ruckus Location in Fortnite? Check Out Here

ruckus location
Ruckus Location

Players these days are trying their best to complete the Besakar quest and they have drained out the internet with the question Where is Ruckus location in Fortnite? Fortnite Season 5 got released with the subject of Bounty Hunting. (Cialis)

The new season is also known as Zero Point. Season 4 of Fortnite ended up with Galactus being beaten into the Zero Point measurement. There are many new and best bounty trackers introduced in the new Season from various gaming universes.

Some of these characters have already moved towards Fortnite Island. Players are keenly looking for these characters. Ruckus is also one of the most searched characters among the all. Players are very interested in searching Ruckus on the map of Fortnite.
Where to find Ruckus on Fortnite?

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Ruckus is one of the newest bosses in Fortnite along with Mandolarian in Season 5.Gamers must beat down Ruckus to finish the Besakar Quest. Ruckus will be easy to defeat once players are aware of its location. After defeating Ruckus players can directly complete the Madolarian themed quest.

Let us dig into the Ruckus location in the Fortnite Map:

ruckus location
Ruckus Location

路 First of all players should visit the Slurpy Swamp on the map of Fortnite.

路 Now players should go to the building named Hydro 16 situated towards the Southeast of Slurpy Swamp.

路 Ruckus is most of the time either patrolling outside the building or inside the building waiting for the hunt of players

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路 Players should protect themselves with great care at this point as they might be attacked by the other players who are also trying to find Ruckus.

路 Gamers should keep their shields on to protect themselves from Ruckus and other players.

路 Defeating Ruckus requires a high amount of energy as he has an exhausting health bar.

路 Players will get high firepower weapons like the rocket launcher and an assault rifle on defeating Ruckus. In addition to this, they can easily unlock Besakar’s quest for Mandalorian.

If he is in the main room of the building you should use stairways asking Ruckus to fire at you but keep yourself safe behind the stairs. Try to shoot him when he pauses and repeats until he is completely knocked down.聽聽In case, he is outside the building use the brick walls to cover your up.

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It is very hard to find Ruckus so, we suggest the players to carefully follow all the above steps to beat the Ruckus. Players will receive a notification after defeating Ruckus.

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