Valorant Terminology: Know All of Them

From the huge terminology of Valorant here are some terms that you might find hard to understand. Read till the end to find out everything about the terms in detail.

Valorant Terminology

Valorant is an online 5 vs 5 character-based game. The game mainly consists of two teams fighting with eachother to win rounds. Attackers either have to kill all enemies or plant the spike in the planting area. During these matches players use different Valorant terminology which can be often hard to understand. This includes terms like NHK, NT, Diff and Jod in Valorant.

Meanwhile, defenders have to stop entering them into the site or kill and defuse the spike. The team that reaches 13 rounds wins first wins the match. In case if the scores level at 12-12, then the match goes into overtime.

Valorant Terminology is used throughout the game. During the matches, players use various words like NHK, NT, Diff, JOD, etc. Many players don’t know what does it mean. So here’s a detailed article on their full form and meaning.

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NHK Full Form and Meaning


The full form of NHK is Nahi Ho Raha Kya? in Valorant. It is used when the opponents or teammates don’t play well. Sometimes, the enemies are losing by 5-0 or something like that, at that time players use NHK in all chats to troll their enemies.

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Valorant Terminology: NT Full Form and Meaning

The NT full form in Valorant is a Nice Try. NT has used the player is unable to clutch but takes one or two enemies down. Moreover, it is used to motivate players as well. It is a very frequently used phrase by almost all the players.

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Diff Full Form and Meaning

The full form of Diff is Difference. Diff is often used word when the same agents of different teams fight with each other. For example, if two sages of both the teams fight with eachother and one of them loses, then it is called sage diff.

The same thing goes for every agent. Players mock their teammates or opponents after such kinds of situations by telling diff.

The Team Besties was banned for 18 months for breaking the guidelines of Valorant. Learn more about them from the link above. The violation of rules was in the VCT as well.

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Jod Full Form and Meaning from Valorant Terminology

There is no such full form of Jod. Jod is the other word of god. It expresses the extreme greatness of the player. For example, if the player does a clutch, her teammates call her Jod. Goldy, Mortal, Soul Regaltos, etc. also use this name quite frequently.

This is all about the NHK, NT, Diff, and Jod from Valorant terminology. You can also stay updated with us for further Valorant news. Until then, keep gaming folks!