Valorant: How 2023 was Remembered in the Games and at Tournaments

29/12/2023 | Relive the thrill of Valorant in 2023 – from VCT Masters to Champions 2023. Discover the social media buzz, esports triumphs, and community impact. A year that defined Valorant’s legacy. | Credits: Riot Games

Valorant has had quite a remarkable year, indeed. Since it emerged in 2019, it has risen through the ranks to become one of the most exciting video games in esports. With a theme premised on tactical gameplay, Valorant draws inspiration from the Counter-Strike series.

Throughout the year, this game held audiences worldwide spellbound with exciting tournaments and buzzing social media trends. In no time, it became one of the hottest topics in the virtual gaming community. As such, we cannot complete the year without doing a recap of 2023.

Major Valorant Tournaments in 2023

VCT Masters

It was a busy year for Valorant, with several events happening across the world. Some of them gained massive attention and elevated the game to new heights. The most notable of these events is the VCT Masters. Last September, Riot Games announced that 30 teams from across the world would participate in the tour. This allowed the betting community to stake money on their favourite teams via encore esports betting and smile to the bank with winnings.

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Valorant Champions 2023 – The third edition of the Championship

From the pool of competitors, only 16 teams were to qualify for Valorant Champions 2023, the crowning event of VCT. The basis of qualification was their performances in the regular season leagues, the 2023 Masters Tokyo, and the regional Last Chance Qualifiers. On July 23, Riot Games announced the qualified teams, and thousands of devoted fans travelled to California for the 20-day event. The tournament venues were Shine and Expo Auditorium Hall in Los Angeles and Kia Forum in Inglewood.

From August 6 to August 26th, 16 teams compete for a place in the finals by clawing their way through the group stage and playoffs. It was a spectacle to behold, but there was one nagging question in everyone’s mind. Will LOUD retain their title or lose it to another? Eventually, we got our answers in the lower bracket final when LOUD squared up against Evil Geniuses. The latter came out victorious and went on to clinch the title, defeating Paper Rex 3-1. This made them the first North American team to win the world championship.

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Social Media Highlights

As the tournament unfolded and dazzled in California, the Valorant community lit up social media platforms with trending hashtags. Fans used the platform to share highlights of the contest, engage in discussions with other enthusiasts, and showcase their passion and creativity. We witnessed fan art and creative memes that enriched the gaming experience.

Valorant Beyond the Arena

Away from the pull of entertainment, fans organized fundraising events and charity streams to support various causes. This was a demonstration of the impact of Valorant beyond gaming. These fan-driven initiatives created a platform that welcomed players of various skill levels and backgrounds, fostering inclusivity. It was a refreshing sight!

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In summary, 2023 was a year of unexpected victories and undying passion for the Valorant community. Spectators from all over the world witnessed the brilliance of elite teams and discovered promising underdogs. The combination of a responsive development team, a proactive community, and talented gamers translates to a bright future for Valorant.

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