Valorant Champions 2023: NRG vs Bilibili Showdown and Predictions

Valorant Champions
08/08/2023 | NRG vs Bilibili Gaming at Valorant Champions 2023. | Credits: Twitter

The excitement of Valorant Champions 2023 is in full swing in Los Angeles, where 16 teams from various regions like EMEA, the Americas, and China are battling it out. Fans are in for a treat as they witness skilful gameplay, strategic manoeuvres, and mind games during the tournament. The coveted prize of $2,250,000 and the gleaming trophy await the ultimate victors. A captivating matchup awaits on the third day of Valorant Champions 2023, pitting NA powerhouse NRG against Chinese titans Bilibili Gaming.

Favourites of Winning

NRG Esports holds a strong reputation due to its consistent excellence in previous international tournaments. This makes them a favourite in Valorant Champions 2023. While they’ve showcased prowess in the NA scene, their journey hit a roadblock in VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 against APAC powerhouse Paper Rex. NRG is eager to bounce back with a significant win.

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Bilibili Gaming enters as the underdog, but their potential surprises shouldn’t be underestimated. While they missed VCT Masters Tokyo 2023, they managed to secure a spot in Valorant Champions 2023 after notable performances in the China Qualifier and FGC Act 2. Despite falling short against EDward Gaming in FGC Act 2, they’ve proven their ability to maintain winning streaks.

NRG holds an advantage in this clash as it will be Bilibili’s inaugural international match. However, Bilibili’s tenacity can’t be overlooked, and they are poised to capitalize on any missteps NRG might make.

Without prior head-to-head data, this encounter is a fresh start for both teams.

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Recent results showcase NRG’s 1-2 loss to Paper Rex in VCT Masters Tokyo 2023, placing them fourth. Bilibili Gaming, on the other hand, faced a 1-3 defeat against EDward Gaming in the Grand Final of VCT China Qualifier 2023.

The Expected Lineups are as Follows:


  • Pujan β€œFiNESSE” Mehta (IGL)
  • Sam β€œsOm” Oh
  • Victor β€œVictor” Wong
  • Austin β€œcrashies” Roberts
  • Ardis β€œardiis” Svarenieks
  • Alan β€œethos” Ruan (Substitute)
  • Chet β€œChet” Singh (Head Coach)

Bilibili Gaming:

  • Wang β€œYosemite” Lei
  • Li β€œrin” Le Wei
  • Liu β€œKnight” Yuxiang
  • Zhong β€œBiank” Jian-Fei
  • Wang β€œwhzy” Hao Zhe
  • Lu β€œKai” Zhi Nan (Substitute)
  • Yu β€œLostMe” Jun (Substitute)
  • Wang β€œJexen” Lin Xiao (Head Coach)
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Streaming Details

Fans worldwide can catch the opening match of Group C between NRG and Bilibili Gaming live on Valorant’s official YouTube and Twitch channels. Popular streamers like Tarik, AverageJonas, Kydae, and others will also host watch parties.

Set for August 8, 2023, at 12 pm PDT / 9 pm CEST / 12:30 am IST (next day), this clash promises thrilling action. By connecting your Riot Account to Twitch, you can even receive premium drops as you enjoy the showdown.

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