Valorant Champions 2023 Event Pass: Starting Date, Content, and More

The Valorant Champions Tour 2023 Event Pass will soon be available and here are the rewards you can get.

Valorant Champions
Valorant Champions (image via. Talkesports)

Valorant Champions Tour is all set to be the biggest event for the esports scene this year, with sixteen prominent teams participating. To celebrate this event several new drops, cosmetics and videos will be released, and the Valorant Champions 2023 Event Pass will be one of them.

The new Event Pass will be themed after the much awaited VCT Los Angeles, that will be starting from August 6, 2023. Sixteen of the top teams in the world will be participating in this event to claim the top spot. To celebrate this occasion, Riot has revealed several items that fans can get in the game. This includes gun skins, cosmetic drops, and now a new event pass.

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Valorant Champions 2023 Event Pass: All Leaks

YouTube: VALORANT Champions Tour

Valorant is currently celebrating the start of its Tour, with a ton of cosmetic drops and more. The latest cosmetic features the Vandal Champions skin along with Jett’s throwing knife. These will be added as a Bundle when the tournament starts and players can buy it from the in-game store.

The new VCT 2023 Event Pass will be featuring some unique and exclusive cosmetics. Players can unlock this by leveling up the Pass by playing games. Moreover, the list includes some new title cards, sprays, emotes and more. The complete list that has been leaked includes the following:

  • Level 1: “Happy Octopus” spray
  • Level 2: “Tearjerker” Title
  • Level 3: 10 Radianite
  • Level 4: “Champions Squad” Player card
  • Level 5: “One More” Title
  • Level 6: 10 Radianite
  • Level 7: “Octobuddy” Buddy
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The Valorant Champions event pass will be starting from 4th August 2023, and players can start leveling it up as soon as it releases. Players will also get the new Weapon in the Stores from this time as well. However, the ending time of this event is still not known yet.

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