Unlocking Ganyu’s Potential: The Best Genshin Impact Ganyu Build

03/11/2023 | Discover the best Ganyu build in Genshin Impact for maximum Cryo archer DPS potential. Unleash the Frostlake Arrows with our guide. | Credits: Genshin Impact

In the fantastical world of Teyvat, Genshin Impact offers a plethora of characters, each with their unique abilities and playstyles. Ganyu, a five-star character, stands out as a formidable Cryo archer, excelling in both DPS and support roles. In this guide, we will delve into the best Ganyu build to maximize her potential and aid you in your adventures.

Ganyu: The Cryo Archer

Ganyu is a Cryo character, which means she wields the power of ice to control the battlefield. Her ranged combat style allows her to freeze enemies and maintain a safe distance while dealing substantial damage. Her versatility makes her an invaluable addition to any team.

Understanding Ganyu’s Potential

Before we dive into Ganyu’s optimal build, it’s crucial to grasp her potential. For a comprehensive understanding of character strengths and abilities, consulting a Genshin Impact tier list can guide you in assembling a formidable party.

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Ganyu can fulfil various roles, including DPS and support, based on your preferences and team composition. Her abilities offer versatility, but for those who wish to harness her full damage-dealing potential, a DPS build is recommended.

Ganyu’s Best Build: Unleashing the Frostlake Arrows

Ganyu’s DPS build centres around her passive talent, “Undivided Heart,” which enhances the power of her charged Frostlake Arrows. To maximize her potential, here’s the ideal setup:

Weapon: Amos’ Bow

The Amos’ Bow, which can be obtained through the current weapon banner, is her weapon of choice. This bow increases both normal and charged attack damage by 12%, amplifying the bloom effect on her Frostlake Arrows. This boost is crucial for dealing massive damage.

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Artefacts: Wanderer’s Troupe

Equipping Ganyu with the full Wanderer’s Troupe artefact set is paramount to this build. This set significantly enhances her charged attack damage when fully assembled. Notably, it not only affects the initial hit of the Frostlake Arrow but also boosts the AoE bloom damage, making her a devastating force against multiple enemies.

However, if you don’t have access to the complete Wanderer’s Troupe set, prioritize artefacts that increase Cryo damage, critical damage, and base attacks. It’s worth noting that energy regeneration becomes less crucial due to her Dew Drinker constellation, which rapidly replenishes two energy after firing a Frostlake Arrow.

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Embrace Ganyu’s Full Potential

With this optimized build, she becomes a formidable force in Genshin Impact, whether you’re freezing enemies with her Cryo abilities or unleashing devastating charged attacks. By wielding the Amos’ Bow and wearing the Wanderer’s Troupe artefacts, you unlock her true potential as a Cryo archer.

As you embark on your adventures in Teyvat, consider pairing her with other top-tier characters. Explore the current and upcoming banners in our Genshin Impact next banner guide, and don’t forget to stay updated on the latest Genshin Impact codes to make the most of your primogems.

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