Unleash Razor’s True Potential with the Best Genshin Impact Build

03/11/2023 | Unlock the true potential of Razor in Genshin Impact with the best DPS build. Discover his optimal weapons, artefacts, and playstyle for maximum damage. | Credits: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has taken the gaming world by storm, and one character that stands out as a force to be reckoned with is Razor. Abandoned as an infant and raised by wolves, Razor is a sword-wielding Electro character with an exceptional skill set, making him a top pick for many players. In this guide, we’ll explore the best Genshin Impact Razor build, helping you unlock its true potential.

Razor: A Formidable Electro DPS

Razor excels as a central DPS character, capable of dealing massive damage to enemies. His attacks, combined with the right build, can make him the star of your party. Let’s dive into the key elements of the best Razor build.

Weapon: Wolf’s Gravestone

For Razor, the ideal weapon is the Wolf’s Gravestone. This five-star weapon significantly boosts both normal and charged attack damage, making it a perfect fit for him. If you don’t have the Wolf’s Gravestone, the four-star Prototype Archaic can be a great alternative.

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Artefacts: Pale Flame (Four-Piece Set)

The Pale Flame artefact set is the way to go for Razor. This four-piece set provides a 25% Physical DMG bonus and enhances his elemental skill. As you hit enemies with Razor’s elemental skill, you can stack this effect twice, elevating the Physical DMG bonus to an impressive 100%.

Razor’s damage primarily comes from regular attacks, so focus on artifacts that increase Flat Attack, Physical Damage, and Critical Rate to maximize his potential.

Playstyle: Mastering Razor’s Combos

To unleash Razor’s true power, start each attack with the press version of Claw and Thunder. After landing a hit, switch to Razor’s normal attack combo, but be sure to dash just before the last hit. This cancelling technique speeds up your attacks and maximizes your damage output. After two cycles of normal attacks, you can use Claw and Thunder again.

Razor’s elemental skill, Lightning Fang, increases attack speed and adds Electro damage to his attacks. Utilize this skill to make the most of Razor’s potential.

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Elemental Reactions: Team Synergy

To get the most out of Razor, you’ll need to swap between party members frequently to trigger elemental reactions. Combining Razor with Cryo, Pyro, and Hydro characters can lead to devastating elemental reactions, enhancing his damage output significantly.

Consider adding characters like Qiqi and Diona to your party to consistently trigger the Superconduct reaction while staying protected from enemy attacks. Characters like Zhongli, Venti, and Nahida can also complement Razor by providing crowd control and support.

Razor’s Abilities and Talents

Understanding Razor’s abilities and talents is crucial for mastering his playstyle:

  • Normal Attack: Steel Fang
    • Perform up to four consecutive strikes.
  • Elemental Skill: Claw and Thunder
    • Press: Attack with the Thunder Wolf Claw to deal additional Electro damage and gain Electro Sigils.
    • Hold: Summon a lightning storm to deal with AoE Electro damage. Clears Electro Sigils and converts them into energy.
  • Elemental Burst: Lightning Fang
    • Unleash the Wolf Within to fight alongside Razor, dealing Electro damage to nearby enemies. This ability enhances Razor’s attack speed, energy regeneration, and resistance to flinching.
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Razor’s constellations and passive talents further enhance his abilities, making him a formidable character.

Level Up Faster and Secure Victory

To level up faster in Genshin Impact and secure victories with Razor, winning matches is key. Winning matches grants you 150 XP while completing them offers 100 XP. Avoid leaving matches prematurely, as this can hinder your progress. Additionally, take advantage of double XP weekends to speed up your levelling process.

The Bigger Picture

While the Nomad title in Overwatch 2 is an impressive accomplishment, Genshin Impact offers even more prestigious titles and challenges. Razor is just one of the many powerful characters in the game, and understanding his build is crucial for success.

Unleash Razor’s true potential and watch him become the star of your Genshin Impact team. Whether you’re facing challenging foes or exploring the vast world of Teyvat, Razor’s electrifying power will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

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