TSM Secures $210 Million Deal with FTX and Renames Themselves to TSM FTX


Earlier today, TSM had announced its partnership with a popular cryptocurrency exchange trading company naming FTX. Along with signing the largest sponsorship deals in esports worth $120 million.

Team Solo Mid shortly known as TSM is one of the most popular esports organizations competing in many games. TSM holds many rosters in PUBG Mobile, Valorant, League of Legends, Apex Legends, and many more games across many regions of the world. Also, TSM is one of the most successful esports organizations and has already named many titles upon their name.

Consequently, TSM has recently announced its deal with FTX for the next 10 years offering a massive amount of $120 million sponsorship. FTX is a popular cryptocurrency exchange trading company that offers a faster trading environment for investors.

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As a result, TSM will be now well known with the name of TSM FTX across all the rosters in each game.

Here are Further Details about the $210 Million Deal between TSM and FTX:

A $210 Million Deal between TSM and FTX had announced recently for the next 10 years .Therefore, TSM will be now widely renowned by the name of TSM FTX upon all of its rosters.

Also, TSM will purchase $1Million in the FTX’s native token naming FIT upon this deal. Moreover, they will even offer cryptocurrency shares to each of their players and employees.

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Further, Andy Dinh , Founder and CEO of TSM stated: “When I met Sam Bankwan Fried ( Founder and CEO of FTX), I immediately knew we had to work together.” Dinh further stated that the partnership between TSM and FTX is not just between the two companies as Bankwan Fried is an innovative CEO who is ahead in every aspect of life.

Bankman Fried ( Founder and CEO of FTX) commented: “ We are really excited to work with TSM. Their team has gone beyond both in-game and out, and rightfully established itself as the premier team in esports.”

However, Riot games will not allow TSM’s new naming convention featuring FTX brand listing on TSM jerseys. Therefore, TSM will not be able to feature FTX logo during League of Legends or Valorant events in North America.

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