Top 5 New Technological Trends in eSports

12/10/2023 | Discover the top 5 technological trends shaping eSports betting, from AI-assisted predictions to VR experiences and blockchain transactions. | Credits: GGBet

Over the years, eSports betting has become one of the most popular forms of casino gambling. With millions of players from all across the globe, eSports quickly became fan favourites on major sportsbooks like GGBet, with their wide variety of high-quality and fast-paced games. Of course, you’ll agree that recent milestones in technological innovation have significantly affected the way we gamble on eSport events. On that note, here, we’ll be discussing the top 5 new technological trends in eSports betting.

Top 5 New Trends in eSports Betting

Technological trends and advancements are constantly revolutionizing how eSports games are played all over the world. These are the top 5 latest trends and innovations influencing eSports betting and the Casino gambling industry as a whole:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest technological innovations in recent times. The effect of AI can be seen in just about every major industry, nowadays. Interestingly, the iGaming industry hasn’t been left out either.

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With the rise of Artificial intelligence, data analysis capabilities in eSports betting have witnessed drastic improvement. The technology does this by analyzing big data and statistics in order to provide insightful information about individual players. Artificial intelligence has also influenced betting strategies and game predictions. For instance, you can now rely on Artificial Intelligence to more accurately predict future games and tournaments based on previous data. Consequently, the chances of you landing a win, each time you bet, increases.

Online casinos also make use of artificial intelligence for customer support. If you have queries or complaints to lodge at any online bookmarker, a live chat feature makes it possible for you to be responded to, immediately, by an automated bot. On most online casinos, you can get across to this bot at any time you wish to, and from anywhere.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality  (AR) are among the major trends revolutionizing the eSports betting world. These technologies have radically transformed player experience and gameplay, in all crannies of the world.

Virtual and augmented reality technologies, as the name implies, submerge players in the game’s universe. This gives the effect of experiencing the game in real life. With AR and VR technology, you get to experience games better, feeling much more connected than you have ever been!

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Blockchain Technology

Ever since the rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, the concept of blockchain has begun gaining prominence. By adopting blockchain technology in the casino gambling industry, making deposits and withdrawals automatically becomes worlds easier. More so, given their decentralized nature, transactions through the blockchain are as fast as lightning! We can well conclude that blockchain has and will continue to improve gamers’ casino experience as they can now play their favourite games on the go.

Improved Hardware and Software Technology

eSports betting and the Casino industry as a whole have enjoyed the rapid growth of technology. The reason for this is quite simple: as technology advances, the hardware and software components, relied upon by these casinos, will be improved upon. These include better processors, audio and display systems, streaming and online equipment, to mention but a few.

Technological advancement in hardware and software allows players to enjoy higher-quality games to bet on. Besides, gamers get to enjoy better user interfaces, as the constant innovations in technology encourage easier navigation on their various platforms.

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Advancements in Smartphone Technology

Smartphones have proven, time and again, to be one of the most important technological advancements of this century. What is often not discussed enough is how much they have contributed to the rise of eSports betting. With every new release, users can do and access more with little.

This has continually benefitted the casino industry as players can access their favourite games from anywhere and at any time in the world. Given how portable they are, your ability to perform secure and convenient transactions from anywhere in the world is guaranteed!


The eSports and casino gambling industry is rapidly evolving, thanks to countless major innovations, trends and technological advancements. These include but are not limited to innovations like smartphones, blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, 5G connectivity and improved hardware capabilities, among others. Given the rate at which new milestones are reached in science, innovation and technology, we simply cannot wait for what the future holds!

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