Top 5 Best 2024 Fighting Games for Android

Fighting Games for Android
24/05/2024 | Discover the top 5 best fighting games for Android in 2024 and experience epic battles on your mobile device. | Fighting Games for Android

Fans of Android combat games have a great year ahead of them in 2024. Thanks to developments in mobile technology, game developers can now produce games that equal those on consoles and PCs, with complex gameplay, smooth animations and breathtaking visuals.

The best five fighting games for Android in 2024 will be covered in this post; each one offers a distinctive gameplay experience that will keep you interested and delighted.

These games will bring you hours of fun and tough gaming, regardless of your experience level as a fighter.

Top 5 Best 2024 Fighting Games for Android

1. Shadow Fight Arena

Among mobile combat games, Shadow Fight Arena remains a unique title. This game adapts the popular formula from the Shadow Fight video game series to a multiplayer arena.

A variety of distinct characters, each with their own combat techniques and skill set, are available for players to select from.

Every combat seems epic because to the amazing visuals, which feature intricate character models and fluid movements.

The controls are simple enough for novice players to learn, yet challenging enough for seasoned players to become proficient.

Fighting Games for Android

2. Injustice 2 Mobile

The famous Fighting Games for Android from the console has been adapted for mobile devices and Injustice 2 Mobile does not let you down.

With a large cast of DC superheroes and villains, Injustice 2 delivers a deep narrative along with fierce combat.

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The game has a complex fighting system with special moves, combos and super moves, along with stunning visuals.

Introducing new people, events and challenges on a regular basis keeps the game interesting. Fans of DC comics and Fighting Games for Android should both play it.

3. Mortal Kombat Mobile

With Mortal Kombat Mobile, you can experience the violent and gory fighting of the Mortal Kombat series right at your fingertips.

Known for its intense fighting and recognizable characters, Mortal Kombat Mobile offers an amazing console like experience right on your Android smartphone.

There is a large list of combatants in the game, and each one has special brutalities and deaths. The touch based controls are comfortable and snappy, and the visuals are excellent.

Fighting game fans continue to love Mortal Kombat Mobile because of its frequent upgrades and exclusive events.

I’ve played Injustice 2 mobile since Day 1. I have mixed feelings about it so I made this video. Are you having enough fun? Do you deserve a better game? If you love the game more power to you, but after 3 years I am DONE. Thanks!
byu/RanielDeskin inInjustice2MobileGame

4. Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition

The famous Street Fighter series has a true mobile transfer in Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition. This game has a cast of well known characters and well-known moves for traditional 2D combat action.

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Because the controls are well suited for touch displays, intricate combinations and precise inputs are possible. With the game’s several modes arcade, multiplayer and survival there’s always something fresh to experience.

For those who are unfamiliar with the franchise or longtime fans alike, Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition is ideal.

5. Tekken Mobile

Another fantastic fighting game that brings the venerable Tekken series to Android smartphones is Tekken Mobile.

With a cast of well known characters, Tekken Mobile features a complex fighting system with a wide range of combos, special strikes and techniques.

The game features online multiplayer combat, live events, and a story mode. Impressive graphics are used to recreate the appearance and feel of the console versions.

For those searching for a top notch fighting game to play on their Android mobile, Tekken Mobile is an excellent option.


The fighting game genre is only one example of how the world of mobile gaming is always changing. The top five fighting games available on Android in 2024 provide a variety of gameplay options to satisfy both casual and die hard fans.

There is something for everyone, from the intense multiplayer fights in Shadow Fight Arena to the recognizable characters and violent violence in Mortal Kombat Mobile.

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To keep players coming back for more, these games provide frequent updates and fresh material in addition to excellent graphics and captivating gameplay.

These games will keep you entertained for hours on end, regardless of your preference for violent martial arts, superheroes, or vintage fighting games.


1. Are these fighting games free to play?

The majority of these fighting games may be played for free, but there are in app purchases available for more features and content. With this concept, gamers may take advantage of alternatives to improve their experience while still enjoying the main gameplay without having to pay any money.

2. Can I play these games offline?

A few of these titles, including Mortal Kombat Mobile and Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition, have offline features like arcade or story mode. However, an online connection is necessary for several events and multiplayer combat.

3. Do these games require high-end devices to run smoothly?

These games are designed to work on a variety of Android devices, even though they have intricate gameplay and excellent visuals. Nonetheless, a mid to high end gadget is advised for optimal performance.