The 3 Best Io games to Play in 2023

Io games are very fun and accessible and here are the 3 best ones to play right now.

Io games
Io games: Krunker,io (image via. familyzone.com)

Io games have captivated a whole generation of players who loved Flash Games while growing up. These are simple browser based games, but features supreme multiplayer competitive landscape as well. With a ton of Io games already existing and many new ones coming out, we list the best that you can play currently.

Here are the 3 best Io Games to play in 2023 that features multiplayer, as well as several other game modes.

3 Best Io Games 

Io games are beloved, but have recently been facing a dwindling popularity due to their simplistic nature. Even though they are completely free to play, players have been gradually moving away from these types of games. We bring up some of the classics and some reasons to love them regardless of their simplicity.


YouTube: Sarok

The first game to popularize the entire Io genre and it still has a small but ardent player base. The gameplay is simple. You need to simply eat glowing orbs and grow larger and larger until you can defeat all the opponents and get the top spot in the leaderboard. However, being multiplayer means that it won’t be an easy task. Players need to eat and survive other players to even have a shot at making it to the leaderboards. You can simply find its official website and start playing directly from your browser.



Remember the classic snake game on your mobile devices? Slither.io is that but better. You are put into a huge multiplayer board and your goal is to eat small glowing orbs to grow bigger and bigger. You can also defeat other players for a shot at getting their orbs, and even getting high enough to list on the scoreboard. The game is fun and competitive and completely free to play!


YouTube: undercoverdudes

Krunker.io is a step ahead from all other Io games out there. The game is a First-person shooter and you compete against other players. You also get to choose between a ton of weapons and classes, with their own unique abilities. It is a battle royale game and the concept put into 3D block-like shooter with vibrant graphics. The game is fun and still has a great player base till now.

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