Tencent Hires Former PlayStation Boss Shawn Layden

Tencent Hires Former PlayStation Boss
Date: 20-09-2022 | Caption: Tencent Corporate Office Building | Source: jingdaily.com

The former PlayStation director Shawn Layden has announced his next step. He recently joined Chinese technology firm Tencent, the enormous gaming corporation on Earth, as an adviser to strategic decisions. The announcement of Tencent hiring former PlayStation boss Shawn Layden was made on LinkedIn (via VGC).

Tencent Hires Former PlayStation Boss – Shawn Layden Views

“In this new position I’m hoping to guide and assist Tencent’s team Tencent in their efforts to expand their involvement and commitment to the sector that I’ve dedicated most of my professional life,” Layden said. “We are in a crucial moment in the world of gaming and interactive entertainment. There are many paths ahead, but only a few are broadening, profound and inclusive, enriching or inspiring, and/or long-lasting. I am so excited to continue this adventure of discovery and I am grateful to Tencent for this chance to take part.”

Layden started his career at PlayStation in 1996. He was then promoted to SIE Worldwide Studios chairperson before retiring in 2019. Alongside Tencent, Layden is a strategic consultant for Streamline Media Group, which aids in helping “transport companies into metaverses.”

According to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, Tencent is currently the biggest gaming company, beating PlayStation and Xbox.

Tencent Hires Former PlayStation Boss Shawn Layden: What Tencent Owns?

Tencent owns League of Legends studio Riot and Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear. It also has invested in Epic, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, and many others. Tencent is also developing the western-focused studios it owns and recently set up a new studio headed by former employees of Star Wars, Halo, and Battlefield.

For PlayStation, the latest report stated that the hardware upgrade was planned with a removable drive.

As we’ve been told about this, many people have used it in recent times. If not for a group or a group, it’s for one who’s being recruited by the world’s largest game business. Shawn Layden is now a former Sony Entertainment America CEO.

Layden announced the news on LinkedIn, in which he revealed the fact that he will join Tencent as a strategic advisor starting in August 2022. In his new position, I’m expected to guide and support the Tencent team members in their efforts to expand their activities and engage in the field. I’ve been a dedicated employee for most of my professional life, Layden explains. We’re currently in an age of entertainment and gaming. There are many options, but only a few are significant and inclusive, broadening, engaging, stimulating, and long-term sustainable.

I’m looking forward to continuing my adventure of discovery, and I am thankful to Tencent for the opportunity. Even if it’s not of great interest, He appears thrilled.

Before moving to Tencent, Layden was a consultant for other companies, including Streamline Media Group and Encore Leadership Advisors. Since playing PlayStation 4, he spoke frequently and was often in many rounds of discussions. He quit PlayStation in 2019, stating that after a while, he felt tired of playing there.

Final Thoughts

Tencent hasn’t gone away over the past few years. The company based in China has made significant global studio acquisitions, including Turtle Rock Studios in California, Inflexion Games in Canada, and Tequila works in Spain. Recently, she bought most of Elden Ring developer FromSoftware, the parent company of Kadokawa Corporation. Layden’s new role as a consultant at Tencent is to advise on strategic investments, such as those. With more than $32 million of revenue coming in 2021, there are plenty of games to play with.

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