Team SMG Surprises with Unintentional Agent Comp at Valorant Game Changers Championship

Team SMG
29/11/2023 | Team SMG surprises with an accidental odd agent comp at Valorant Game Changers, dominating Evil Geniuses GC. Learn how the mishap turned into a victory. | Credits: Valorant

APAC region’s Team SMG accidentally runs an unconventional four-duelist composition on Lotus against Evil Geniuses GC, dominating with aggressive playstyles. Despite the mishap, they secured a decisive 13-3 victory. Learn how the accidental strategy unfolded and Team SMG’s approach to the upcoming Upper Semifinals against G2 Gozen.

As the Valorant Game Changers Championship unfolds, the APAC region continues to showcase its unique approach to the game. Team SMG, the representative from APAC’s Game Changers, surprised everyone with an unintentionally bizarre agent composition during their first match against Evil Geniuses GC.

Unintentional Four-Duelist Comp on Lotus

Heading into the first map on Lotus, Team SMG unintentionally fielded one of the most peculiar compositions witnessed on an international LAN stage. Their lineup featured Neon on Raze, accompanied by Reyna, Phoenix, and Cypher—completely omitting Controllers for smokes and Initiators for stuns, flashes, and information gathering.

Despite deviating significantly from the meta, Team SMG showcased dominance over Evil Geniuses GC on Lotus. Their aggressive playstyles, characteristic of the APAC region, kept EG constantly on the back foot. The map concluded with a decisive 13-3 score, with EG managing to secure only three rounds in the first half.

Accidental Success: Team SMG’s Admission

In post-match conferences and interviews, the audience and analysts were keen to understand the rationale behind Team SMG’s unconventional composition. Surprisingly, Team SMG revealed that the odd comp was entirely accidental.

“To be honest, it was a wrong agent pick,” shared Team SMG’s enerii during an interview with French VCT analysts. “We thought it was a rehearsal, and then we picked four duelists, and after we realized it was a mistake. It’s our mistake, so we have to follow through with it. We accepted it was our mistake and we just kept playing.”

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From Mishap to Mastery: Team SMG’s Victory

Despite the unintentional nature of their agent selection, Team SMG turned what could have been a disadvantage into an advantage. Their aggressive approach and coordinated plays allowed them to secure a convincing win against Evil Geniuses GC on Lotus.

Looking Ahead: Team SMG vs. G2 Gozen in Upper Semifinals

Team SMG’s journey in the Valorant Game Changers Championship continues as they advance to the Upper Semifinals. Their next challenge awaits in the form of the reigning GC Champs, G2 Gozen. As they prepare for this crucial match on November 29, fans are eager to see if Team SMG can maintain their momentum and adapt their strategies, intentional or otherwise, to secure success against a formidable opponent.

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Accidental Brilliance in Valorant’s Competitive Landscape

Team SMG’s accidental success with an odd agent comp adds a unique chapter to Valorant’s competitive narrative. It highlights the flexibility and adaptability of teams in the face of unexpected situations. As they progress through the Valorant Game Changers Championship, all eyes are on Team SMG to see if their unintentional brilliance becomes a defining feature of their tournament journey.

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