Skyesports Announced WCC3 Tournament, Season 4

Recently, Skyesports announced Season 4 of the WCC3 Tournament. Follow up with this article for complete details of the tournament!

WCC3 Tournament S4
WCC3 Tournament S4

Recently, Skyesports announced Season 4 of the WCC3 Tournament. Follow up with this article for complete details of the tournament.

World Cricket Championship (WCC) is an Indian 3D cricket simulation mobile game franchise developed by Nextwave Multimedia. In World Cricket Championship 3, there is a huge list of teams and stadiums, and you can choose different periods of the day and further you can also choose the weather.

There are different game modes to choose from, from quick matches to a full season, and even play women’s cricket.

Controls of the World Cricket Championship Game

  1. Use your left thumb to position your player when you’re batting
  2. Then, use your right thumb to adjust the direction and strength of your throw.
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The button you tap on plays an important role because it decides the movement your character has to do. When it is your turn to throw, of course, the system will change completely.

World Cricket Championship 3 Update Brings, Esports Mode

The latest update of WCC3 brings a special Esports mode named “Esports Lobby“. This feature will allow organizers to organize professional tournaments.

Users can also spectate from certain camera angles. The update brought a customizable difficulty level, the ability to assign bowling actions.

In addition, the game has now seven new bowling actions. The highlights can also be saved after this update

Skyesports Announces WCC3 Tournament, Season 4

After the great success of season 3, Skyesports has announced season 4 of World Cricket Championship 3 also known as WCC3.

The registrations are currently going on. Players can register by clicking on this link – Skyesports Registration. Registrations are open till the 22nd of April.

Like the other WCC3 tournaments, this tournament will also be in the format of 1 vs 1. There were a total of around 5 thousand registrations in Season 3.

Skyesports is expecting at least the same amount of registrations this time or might also be aiming for a bigger number.

This tournament will go on for 1 to 2 weeks because there will be a huge amount of avid players in the competition.

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It would be exciting to see this tournament. The WCC3 tournament might start after 1 week of the registration deadline. Stay tuned for further updates.

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