Shirou Vs Chrono In Free Fire: Which one is Better?

Shirou Vs Chrono
Shirou Vs Chrono In Free Fire

Free Fire‘s recent additions Chrono and Shirou are the two most loved and used characters in the game. Players are continuously pouring their love on Shirou and Chrono.

Shirou comes in Free Fire with an OB26 update. Both the characters are quite popular, but players wish to know which one is better.

Players don’t need to worry anymore as we are here with accurate information to guide you. Both Shirou and Chrono are equally important. Let us learn more to know which one is better.


Shirou comes with the fantastic ability of Damage Delivery. This ability labels the enemy who hits Shirou. With the help of Shirou’s ability, players can find out the territories of opponents. Damage Delivery helps to deal with rifles, snipers more prominently. Max level shields and armors are ineffective against Shirou’s skill.

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Using weapons like SKS and SVD, users can kill opponents with high penetration. Shirou comes with one drawback, and only its possessor can view the enemy, not the companions.

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Chrono comes with the thrilling skill of Time-Turner. This skill forms a small bubble sufficient for you and your other players. The time-turner forms a small bubble of 600 HP. You can assassinate your opponents inside as well as outside of the bubble.

Here comes the fun, as your enemies can kill you only after destroying the bubble. Bubble enables you to move faster than your enemies. Here comes the shortcoming of Time-Turner first, that the bubble is tiny in size. Second, you can move fast, but the bubble has less mobility.

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Shirou vs Chrono: Which one is Better in All Aspects?

Let us learn more to find out who is better. Chrono comes in very handy for the attack as well as the defense case. Enemies have to either form their bubble to fight you out or surrender themselves. Chrono’s Time-Turner forms a perfect bubble that can handle the gun fires. It also allows you to shoot your enemies without any hindrance.

On the contrary, damage delivery of Shirou gets active only when someone hits you. It is good when you are fighting against a single enemy. You are at the upper end as you get additional benefits with the first shot in such a situation. Using Shirou’s ability, preferably do try to search for a deserted enemy.

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So, of course, the Chrono is the best as it is valid in all the conditions, whereas this not the case with Shirou.

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